Can lesbion sex cause hepatitis c

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Hepatitis C Transmission In Lesbian Sexual Contact

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Data on transmission of HIV between women are scarce and incongruent. Although several studies have shown no evidence of transmission between women who have sex with women WSW [ 1—3 ], there have been a few reports describing cases of female-to-female transmission identified on the basis of the absence of a history of alternative risks for HIV infection [ 45 ]. We report a genotype-supported case of female-to-female HIV transmission in the absence of other obvious risk.

Her hepatiits history was significant only for mild asthma. Finally, both women had vaginal bleeding from traumatic sexual activity. The infected woman had tested positive for HIV two years later, and had no other apparent risk factors. The other two cases rely on symptom history rather than serology for the diagnosis; it is not clear in either case that other risk factors were absent. ACn the virus has been found in vaginal fluid, there are antibodies in the vagina that may limit transmission. Saliva also contains the virus, aex exposure to saliva has not been proven as a route of transmission.

It appears that prevention efforts would be best directed toward lesbians who engage in the behaviors identified as risk factors. In addition to the standard advice to use condoms when having sex with men and avoiding needle sharing, these women should be advised to take measures to minimize exposure to the vaginal secretions of women partners via sex toy use and receptive oral sex. The barrier methods recommended include the use of dental dams for oral—genital or oral-anal contact; condoms on dildos and sex toys; and latex finger cots during vaginal or anal penetration.

PARENTING Many lesbians raise children who are the product of previous heterosexual relationships, and an increasing number want to start families in a lesbian relationship. Adoption is a desirable option, but domestic adoptions of healthy newborns are difficult for lesbians to arrange. As a result, many lesbian families pursue international adoption, or children with special needs. Women who inquire about this option should be advised to consult with persons knowledgeable about the adoption situation locally. Women wishing to be biologic mothers should be advised that donor insemination through a medical or other licensed facility is optimal.

The essential procedure placing semen in the vagina does not require any special medical expertise or equipment and can be arranged without medical or legal consultation; however, this method is not advisable for a number of reasons. First, the donor may later desire involvement with the child beyond the original agreement, and although sometimes this works out well, it often may not. Second, the donor may decide to stop donating semen without notice. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the woman cannot be sure that the donor is infection-free, particularly from HIV. HIV transmission via artificial insemination one in the United States has been reported, with an estimated risk of less than 0.

Half of the women received fresh semen from gay or bisexual men living in San Francisco before Three-quarters of the couples reported sharing sex toys and virtually all couples reported oral sex. The case concerns a year-old woman, from Philadelphia, who presented with HIV infection having had a negative HIV test result six months earlier. The woman had been in a monogamous lesbian relationship for the past two years, and denied having had any other sexual partners, male or female. In the largest sample to date, the NHANES —, a nationally representative sample of the US civilian population, women who reported a history of a female sex partner had a prevalence of BV of Many studies have also shown a high level of concordance of BV between a woman and her female sex partner both partners with BV and without BV [ 353840 ].

A systematic review and meta-analysis examining the association between BV and female sexual partners found that having a history of female sex partner s conferred a 2-fold increased risk of BV relative risk [RR], 2. Exchange of vaginal fluid or other shared behaviors among female partners may contribute to the initiation of BV. Among WSW, prior studies have found an association of BV with a higher lifetime number of female sexual partners, a history of receptive oral-anal sex, not always cleaning an insertive sex toy between uses, and smoking [ 3840 ].

Lesbion sex cause hepatitis c Can

No association was seen with age, race, smoking, hormone use, douching, vaginal intercourse, receptive oral or anal sex, or number of partners [ 42 ]. Detailed analysis of behavioral data suggested a direct dose-response relationship with increasing number of episodes of receptive oral-vulvovaginal sex HR, 1. These studies have thus continued to support, though have not proven, the hypothesis that sexual behaviors that facilitate the transfer of vaginal fluid and possibly exchange of extravaginal microbiota eg, oral bacterial communities between partners may be involved in the pathogenesis of BV.

With the advent of new molecular-based methods, there has been a greater appreciation of the microbial diversity and complex nature of BV [ 44—46 ]. Molecular methods also allow a more detailed analysis of specific vaginal flora shared between partners. Using both culture methods and strain typing with repetitive element sequence-based polymerase chain reaction rep-PCR fingerprinting, Marrazzo et al [ 47 ] examined Lactobacillus colonization at vaginal and rectal sites and whether unique Lactobacillus strains are shared by female sex partners. The Bugs Allergic Vaginitis Because the symptoms of this are both inside the vagina and around the vulva, it is often mistaken for something else, usually a yeast infection or even herpes.

It is caused by an allergic reaction to something, such as latex, lubes, nonoxynol-9 a spermicidesex toys or toiletries. Symptoms include red, irritated skin, vaginal itching and increased discharge. Bacterial Vaginosis BV This happens when the bacteria which naturally occur in the vagina usually beneficial get out of balance.

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One definite cause is douching, and it is regarded as a condition peculiar to lesbians, although no-one can explain why. Chlamydia This is the most common sexually transmitted infection, but is rare in lesbians. It is mostly passed on through penetrative sex, so it can be transmitted via toys, fingers and hands. Most women have no symptoms whatsoever, and it hangs around for years. Can include pain during sex or while peeing; increased vaginal discharge; irregular bleeding. Can cause infertility through pelvic inflammation see Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. It can be treated with antibiotics. This includes HPVthe virus that can cause cervical cancer — meaning that Pap testing is recommended for lesbians.

Same with pubic lice — since they live in the pubic area, they can easily make the journey from one partner to another during times of intimate contact. Heck, even sharing a bed can do it — no sex required! Anal Sex — Since anal penetration can tear the sensitive skin around the anus or the sphincter, there is a chance of blood exposure. Practiced by an estimated two thirds of male homosexual couples and one third of heterosexual couples, anal intercourse rarely transmits Hepatitis C. Fisting — An uncommon sex act with heterosexual couples, fisting involves the insertion of the whole hand or forearm into the anus or vagina for sexual stimulation.

Since the diameter of the hand or forearm is much greater than that of the penis, there is an increased risk of anal or vaginal injury.

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