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Carnival Party Idea 2: Looking for some interesting homemade carnival games for kids? All you need are a bunch of bean bag stuffed animals, some tin cans, and a group of happy, excited party guests who are eager to play! Carnival Party Idea 3: Just get some rubber duckies, print matching numbers on waterproof stickers, and stick them to the bottom of the rubber duckies. Your guests will have loads of fun trying to find the matching ducks! Carnival Party Idea 4: Amazing carnival birthday party ideas always start with yummy food.

Fircus Popcorn Bar is a must-have themf any fun carnival birthday party! Circjs Party Idea part Grab a Clown Nose and clown around! Guests will love wearing these clown noses around the carnival theme party. You can even incorporate these thsme noses into one of your Adylt carnival theme cricus games! It also makes for nice little party favors that your guests can have fun with even at home. The popcorn was devoured Cicrus used the same craft paper to create the cones for the cotton candy and the water bottle labels. The Blue Cream Frostie Soda So, we had to have some of circua on hand at the beverage station! I always like to Adulh a luxurious set-up with the beverage station.

It's adds an extra dose of fun Water Give regular water bottles a carnival makeover with these printable labels from supplier 4 lots of different designs available. Drinks Styling Style any of the above drinks with carnival themed straws, such as these mustache ones below left, from supplier 3. Alternatively, use these labels to give any drink a carnival themed look see supplier 3. Supplier 4 also has these cute carousel horse straws or these circus themed ones. There are also styling options for younger kid's parties too, such as these carnival tent sipper cups from supplier 1. All credit goes to the talented people that have created these recipes - so please click through to their site for full details, methods, and in some cases step-by-step tutorials.

So, to make things a bit more special I've tried to include a few variations and twists on some of these traditional fairground foods. Instead of serving traditional Caramel Apples, try this variation: Carnival Cookie Cutters There are lots of great Carnival themed cookie cutters available, such as this mustache cookie cutter below left, from supplier 3 or this carousel horse below right, supplier 4 which you can use to shape sandwiches use brown bread for the mustache ones! More Carnival cookie cutters There are also these popcorn, carnival tent, and 'admit one' cookie cutters available from supplier 4.

Carnival Cookies Alternatively, you can buy lots of different carnival themed cookies from supplier 4. Alternatively, there are these cute clown cake pops you can buy below right, from supplier 4. Carnival Cupcake Toppers Alternatively, just use carnival themed cupcake toppers, such as these from supplier 4on regular cupcakes. Popcorn There's so many different things you can do with Popcorn to make your Carnival theme party ideas a little more unusual. Why not set up a Popcorn bar with lots of different flavors and toppings like this White Chocolate Drizzlebelow left by Picky Palate that people can help themselves to.

Or just pick up this variety pack of gourmet popcorn below center, USA only with includes flavors such as caramel, cheddar cheese, kettle corn, and dark and white chocolate striped.

Alternatively make this Popcorn Fudge below right, from Raspberricupcakes Carnival Candy There's also lots of Carnival candy that you can buy to fill out the dessert table or use as favors, including this gummi popcorn below leftred apple candy lollipops below centersalt water taffy, cotton candy, watermelon wedge lollipops, buttered popcorn jelly beans below right and lots more. More Carnival Candy Alternatively, you can buy individual bags of cotton candy, mustache lollipops, or this cute gumball machine to complete your dessert table. Also from supplier 3. Both available from supplier 4. Or Supplier 1 also sells candy by the color, so you can give your dessert table a red and white carnival theme.

Or make batch of the individual french fries in this recipe made from pound cake by Karen Tack at Parentingserve in a basket as show and see how long it takes people to notice that they're sweet. Finally, I had to include this next recipe in these birthday party tips. You could serve regular corn on the cob as they do at the fair, but these Corn on the Cob Cupcakes below, by Karen Tack via Martha Stewart look a whole lot more fun.

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Carnival Edible Images There are only a handful of edible images cirrcus for a carnival theme, such as the Aeult below left from supplier 3. If you want a personalized edible image, they tend to be more circus themed, such as the one below right from supplier 4 other designs available. This will create a focal point in the room. Decorations often have to compete with existing room decor so they can get a bit lost if spread too thinly. You can then use a few general decorations around the rest of the room to tie everything together. Read below for step by step instructions for how to create this look. Canopy and Table If you have a gazebo or pop up canopy at home then use this to provide a roof over your Carnival dessert table.

You can make this look more Carnival-like by draping with red and white striped fabric by the yard below left, from supplier 3 or cut sections out of super strong it stands up without supports red and white striped corrugated decorating paper available from supplier 2 to lay on top or enclose the sides of your canopy. Cover your table with a red and white striped tablecover or wrap this striped tableskirt below right around a solid color tablecover. Both are available from supplier 2.

Party theme Adult circus

Alternatively, for a more structured look use the red and white striped corrugated decorating paper mentioned above, from supplier 2. Dress the table circuus by scattering around xircus few objects and props that you'd find at Carnival side stalls, ex a row of three coconuts balanced on soda bottles, hoops, goldfish etc. Carnival Big Top Tents If you dont already have a canopy, you could use this Big Top canopy tent from supplier 3 to go with these Carnival theme party ideas. See supplier 2 or 3. Side Stall Dressing If you've got paryy shelving unit or tall dresser, position it behind the dessert table. Otherwise just position the dessert table a few feet in front of an empty wall so that you can hang various props on it to resemble the back wall of a Carnival side stall see illustration above.

Stack pyramids of tin cans along the back wall Similarly, you could create your own coconut shy Line up a row of rubber ducks and targets to represent the duck shooting range Draw some large clown faces and cut out their mouths to represent the 'Toss the beanbag in the Clown's Mouth' side stall These are really just for decoration to make your dessert table look like an authentic Carnival side stall, so don't worry too much about making them practical. Carnival Signs Next, hang a few bags of cotton candy or plush toys and other Carnival style prizes down from the roof of your canopy or attached to the side poles see illustration above. If you have a chalkboard, add text advertising hot dogs, funnel cake, and cotton candy etc see illustration above or hang a string of lights accross the front.

Alternatively, you can buy these carnival hanging decorations from supplier 3or these printable vintage style signs from supplier 4.

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