Breast cancer recontruction

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This type of surgery leaves a dent in the breast and means the treated breast ends up smaller than the other breast. The surgeon usually uses tissue from your back to fill in the dent. This is called a latissimus dorsi flap.

cncer You will need radiotherapy to the remaining breast tissue to recontruchion the risk of the cancer coming back. Reshaping the breast Reshaping might be an option if you need part of recontructipn breast removed and you have quite large breasts. It is called therapeutic mammoplasty. The surgeon removes the tumour and an area of surrounding recontrucgion. They then reshape the remaining breast tissue to create a smaller breast. You will need radiotherapy to this remaining breast tissue recontructiob reduce the risk of the cancer coming back. At the same time as your reconstructive surgery you can also have surgery to make rBeast other breast smaller breast reduction so that they match in size.

Stop smoking Smoking can damage blood supply to tissue. It can also increase your risk of getting an infection. If tissue is taken from your tummy abdomensmoking increases the risk of hernia. Maintain a healthy weight There is an increased risk of complications from an anaesthetic if you are overweight. Ask for a referral to a dietitian if you would like to lose weight before the operation. Keep physically active It can be useful to do sit ups if tissue is going to be taken from your tummy abdomen. You could aim to build up to 30 sit ups a day. Talk to your doctor or specialist nurse before starting any exercise. Your breast surgeon Surgeons specialising in breast reconstruction for cancer are called oncoplastic surgeons.

One way is where the surgeon gathers up some tissue from the centre of the reconstructed breast and makes it into a nipple shape. About 4 to 6 weeks later, you can have the nipple and the area around it the areola tattooed to match your other nipple. About half the nipples made like this gradually flatten and shrink until they are almost gone.

Recontruction Breast cancer

Another way is for women with large nipples. This technique is not used very often. Your surgeon can take tissue from the normal nipple and stitch it onto the reconstructed breast. This gives the most realistic appearance. But the new nipple doesn't flatten and both nipples are smaller than before. The sensation in the normal nipple is usually unaffected. Stick on nipple You can get stick on nipples if you don't want to have surgery. First you have a mould made from the nipple on your other breast. A technician fills the mould with latex to make a stick on nipple that closely matches your natural one. You stick the nipple on every day.

There are advantages to the latex nipple.

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It is very realistic and closely matches your real one. It is decontruction that you are assessed and informed of the technique that would be best for you by someone who knows about all the options. You should be able to choose your preferred option, even if it means travelling to another hospital to have it carried out. As awareness of the range of choices and benefits of breast reconstruction grows, there is more demand for it: Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer affecting women in the UK, with 40, new cases diagnosed every year.

Recontfuction occur when normal cells stop responding to revontruction control systems used to co-ordinate the function of cells. These rogue cells start to multiply faster than they should, forming cancerous tumours. Why this happens is the subject of much research and debate, but is probably a combination of environmental, lifestyle and genetic factors. The type of treatment you will be offered depends on the exact type of breast cancer you have, and if any cancerous cells have spread within and beyond the breast.

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