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Since these are amateur Shck videos, the photographer is not using professional lighting so it makes for a dark and grainy image sometimes. So do not expect to see high resolution digital stills, because they do not offer that.

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Normally when a photographer is shooting a model, he has her move into different positions for each picture, but when you take frame grabs for a website, you have to be careful not to get the same action shot over and over again. Lots of "point of view" shots so you can see what it looks like as the girl is sucking on your dick. They are also at a medium resolution. These girls are sucking cock as if their lives depended on it. The videos were great, I love to see horny girls picked up off the street to suck cock for cash, but there wasn't enough of them!

Also it is not formatted for high and low bandwidth so I cannot tell you what the file sizes are. Although people who are on dialup 56K modems should be fine because I believe it will start playing even before it is fully downloaded.

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Each full movie is broken up into 5 minute clips. The page is very clearly laid out and you can definitely find your way around the page quite easily. Besides getting access to the blowjob pictures and movies, they give you access to over forty other websites - that's right - FORTY!

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