Survival ratess for breast cancer

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Breast Cancer Survival Rates

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They are only numbers!! Estrogen receptor ER and progesterone receptor PR positive tumors tend to respond better to chemotherapy. One research study looked at triple-negative breast cancer patients all treated at the same institution between and This study found that the average age at diagnosis was The 5 year disease-free survival rate for the whole group was However, the 5 year overall survival rate for the entire group was higher at Risk of recurrence was higher in the first 3 years following the initial diagnosis. However, the recurrence rate declined significantly after this initial 3 year period.

Beeast factors that were found to be important factors on survival rates were: Just a quick question Doc. What is the ER PR image up there? That is estrogen and progesterone receptor testing. Overall Breast Cancer Survival rate for all Stages of Breast Cancer The overall 5 year survival rate for women with breast cancer was No, there is very little up-to-date information. However, the grade of breast cancer is only ONE factor in survival, together with the stage, tumor size and lymph node involvement.

Breasf receptor status influences rtess cancer survival rates The hormone receptor status of a breast tumour is not usually included in formal discussions of prognosis. Each breast tumour will potentially have a different hormone receptor status. The cancer has the potential to grow very quickly because it responds to the fluctuating hormones, estrogen and progesterone. Is the Good news: The tumor will very likely be highly responsive to chemotherapy and hormonal therapy treatments. Yes, hormones are very powerful things — we are powerless in their wake. Age, fitness, response to treatment, sex, the size of tumors, and many other factors can affect a person's life expectancy.

Breast cancer Survival ratess for

According ratsss the American Cancer Societycancer treatment and outlook are improving all the time. Also, a study that tracks survival rates over 5 years will reflect the state of medical knowledge 5 years ago. This means that cancer survival rates may be better than the statistics indicate. To get a more accurate estimation of life expectancy, speak with a doctor. These statistics are based on the stage of the cancer when it was first diagnosed. They do not apply to cancers that come back later or spread, for example.

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Many other factors can affect a person's outlook, such as age and health, the presence of hormone receptors on the cancer cells, the treatment received, cwncer how well the cancer responds to treatment. Breast cancer survival rates, by stage The outlook for women with breast cancer varies by the stage extent of the cancer. In general, the survival rates are better for women with earlier stage cancers. But remember, the outlook for each woman is specific to her circumstances.

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