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Most women choose to wear a bra to feel comfortable, give a shape they want and to give support to the breasts.

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My breasts feel sore sometimes. Stand up straight and move the breasts with your hands until they fit comfortably into the cup. Why do long hairs grow around the nipple It is fairly common for some long straight hairs to grow from the areola [the area of darker skin around the nipple]. In older women, if their nipples normally stick out but they then become inverted, and stay that way, they need to check it out with their doctor.

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What can I do Don't worry. Why do my nipples not stick out They sort of sink in to my breast. Take it off at night. If you are worried about it go and have a talk with your doctor.

Wearing a bra How to put your bra on: Wash it often put it in a washbag to stop it getting tangled up with other clothes if you put it into the washing machine. Is this normal Breasts may feel sore when they are starting to develop and before a period. Your doctor can't change the size of your breasts - there are no drugs or hormones that will do that. Feel happy that you are growing into a woman. Mum says she checks her breasts every month by looking at them and feeling them to make sure that she has no lumps that could be breast cancer.

Try different types and shapes of bra until you find one that suits your breasts and gives you the look and comfort that you want. They may be different sizes or shapes. You have probably developed early and your friends will soon catch up over the next few years.

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