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Photography and the law and Legality of recording by civilians Camera phones, or more specifically, widespread use of such phones as cameras by the general public, has increased exposure to laws relating to public and private photography. On December 30,the execution of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was recorded by a video camera phone, and made widely available on the Internet. Another approach is using camera images to recognize objects. There is the occasional anecdote of camera phones linked to industrial espionage and the activities of paparazzi which are legal but often controversialas well as some hacking into wireless operators' network.

On November 17,during a performance at the Laugh Factory comedy club, comedian Michael Richards was recorded PPhone to hecklers with racial slurs by a member of the audience using a camera phone. Smartphones can use their front camera of lesser performance as compared to rear camera facing the user for purposes like self-portraiture selfie and videoconferencing. There are no special laws for camera phones. The laws that relate to other types of cameras also apply to camera phones. A commercially successful example is the use of QR Codes attached to physical objects.

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CNN executive Jonathan Klein predicts camera phone footage will be pjcs used by news organizations. However, as sharing can be instantaneous, even if the action is discovered, it is too late, as the image is already out of reach, unlike a nakex taken by a digital camera that only stores images locally for later transfer however, as the newer digital cameras support Wi-Fi, a photographer can perform photography with a DSLR and instantly post the photo on the internet through the mobile phone's Wi-Fi and 3G capabilities. They are small and numerous and their use is easy to hide or disguise, making it hard for law enforcement and security personnel to detect or stop use.

As mobile phones are constantly carried, camera phones allow for capturing moments at any time. As a network-connected device, megapixel camera phones are playing significant roles in crime prevention, journalism and business applications as well as individual uses.

naled The film nakeed a reenactment of an actual case and they changed the names to Phpne those involved. In most democratic free countries, there are no restrictions against photography in public and thus camera phones enable new forms of citizen journalismfine cameea photographyand recording one's life experiences for facebooking or blogging. Total bans on camera phones would also raise questions about freedom of speech and the freedom of the presssince camera phone ban would prevent a citizen or a journalist or a citizen journalist from communicating to others a newsworthy event that could be captured with a camera phone.

Content-based image analysis is used to recognize physical objects such as advertisement posters [41] to provide information about the object. Such places include the Pentagonfederal and state courts, [47] museums, schools, theaters, and local fitness clubs. QR Codes can be sensed by the phone using its camera and provide an according link to related digital content, usually a URL. On January 17,New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced a plan to encourage people to use their camera-phones to capture crimes happening in progress or dangerous situations and send them to emergency responders.

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