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Theology and Sex Education with Hispanics/Latinos

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Among those employed, As indicators for access to health services show, In terms of income, Finally, in terms of sexual risk behavior, the men in our study reported the following practices during the prior 2 months: Spatial Restrictions in Sexual Partnering We posited that if bisexual Latino men adhered to heteronormative scripts of partnership, they would be less likely to have male partners or female casual partners in the same neighborhood as their female regular sexual partners Hypothesis 1. Although the sample size for these exploratory findings was relatively small, it is still worth noting that our findings did not support our first hypothesis.

On the contrary, men whose steady female partner lived in the same neighborhood as they did were also more likely to have steady male partners OR 5. Sexual Partnership Configurations We also hypothesized that if bisexual Latino men adhered to heteronormative scripts of partnership, they would be more likely to have female partners as steady and male or transgender partners as casual Hypothesis 2.

Our findings from cross-tabulations did not support this hypothesis. Study participants reported four types of configurations: On malew hand, our findings using bivariate logistic regressions suggest that there were no statistical differences in the odds of meeting biological male partners through formal or informal spaces, social networks Latinno online. On the other hand, participants were more likely to meet female partners through formal spaces OR 4. These findings suggest that the men in our study Latini a heteronormative way of meeting female but not male partners.

The majority of bisexual Latino men in our study had sexual encounters primarily in their own homes or the homes of their partners Masculinity and Feelings Towards Homosexual Behavior Our final hypothesis was that if bisexual Latino men adhered to heteronormative scripts, differences in the organization of their sexual partnering and sexual practices would reflect differences in their machismo and feelings towards homosexual behaviors Hypothesis 4. Instead, machismo was associated with meeting other male sex partners through social networks i. The homosexual comfort model Table 2 suggests the less comfortable men were with homosexual behaviors, the more likely they were to meet other men online, and the more comfortable they were with homosexuality, the more likely they were to meet through social networks of friends and kinship.

It was almost like a counseling session, as far as I can remember now. She just kept asking me questions of different topics. Did I know what this was? Did I know what that was?

And female males sex Latino

She came to the last question, which was do I know what a transsexual is? The experiences between Sandra and Alexa deeply transformed his sexual desire. His desire from that point to the present 31 years old was for women. For him, women were: Moncho 23 years old spent six months in prison for a minor crime that allegedly he did not commit. While in prison, his sexual experience was limited to self-masturbation. There, he learned about HIV and was tested for the first time. The results came out negative three years prior to the interview, he was tested again, also with negative results.

In the year prior to the interview, Moncho now 31 years old had sex with only two people — Martha and Selena. Martha was in her 30s, Puerto Rican, and married with two children. Martha and Moncho were neighbors, and they commuted on the same train. They became friends and flirted frequently on the train. He felt guilty about the affair, because Martha was married and Moncho had been in a long-term relationship for quite some time with Selena. She also had breasts, testicles, and a penis. They met in a nightclub in Manhattan: She took me to her house and gave me a blow job. Their sex life consisted of oral sex where Moncho gives and receives oral sexmutual masturbation, mutual anal fingering, and insertive anal intercourse where Moncho penetrates her.

Moncho was in love with Selena at the time of the interview. She could and did fulfill all aspects of his life but could not give him children, and that was his major frustration with their relationship. Similar to Kenneth, Moncho was very concerned with maintaining a heteronormative, masculine identity. These questions were not posed to Moncho, but he offered some insights during his interview. This is somewhat contradictory inasmuch as social aspects of masculinity such as manliness, as used by Fuller, are excluded in the conjunction of these two worlds. For men like Moncho, there is only one man in the relationship, and that is himself e.

Men in this configuration have a strong affinity for the female body, the anatomical male-female body, and the hegemonic value of heterosexuality and normative masculinity. Such affinities become critical elements in the organization of desire and the selection of sexual partners for these men. Adherences to heteroerotic desire as is the case for Moncho or to almost exclusive homosexuality as is the case for Kenneth are norms that are completely transgressed by the men in the next configuration. Lifetime sexual desire for women and men: The history of Esteban Since very early in his life, Esteban was attracted to boys and girls, but he does not recall when those sexual feelings began.

Esteban grew up in a very conservative, Protestant, religious, working-poor home, where boys were encouraged to participate constantly in sports, and sexual topics were prohibited in the household. This background profile is not only similar across all the cases presented in this article, but also among all members of the study sample. Esteban kissed someone on the mouth for the first time when he was in second grade seven years old. She was his classmate and neighbor. He masturbated for the first time, soon after learning about it from friends. At first, Esteban did not want to play, but his friend insisted. Esteban became frightened and stopped for a while. Esteban was unable to accept the idea that he was participating in such behavior.

What am I doing! The game with his friend ended when Esteban ejaculated in his underwear. Nothing else ever happened between Esteban and this friend.

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During that same year, Esteban was introduced to Bruce Puerto Rican, a year younger than Estebanwho would become a very significant friend. One day at a party in his house, Esteban and Isabel had intercourse for the first time: Isabel and I went upstairs to a bedroom. We were kissing and we were getting into it, and I started feeling her up, feeling her breasts, and I went down and was touching her down there. And then I started taking off her panties little by little. The shoes came off, the socks came off, and at first I thought she was going to stop me.

She started going down on me, and that just sent me off the edge, and I said, all right. I picked her up and just started having sex without a condom. This is supposed to be her first time? You know, she was more into it than I was. I was too scared to really think about enjoying it at the time, until the end when I busted my nut and that was it. We got up and cleaned up, and she got dressed, I got dressed, and we went back downstairs. I could not believe it just happened … we just laughed about it afterwards, and after that I just wanted to keep having more and more sex with her. We did a lot. We practiced sex a lot. Esteban ejaculated on her stomach. This experience was very significant and troublesome for Esteban.

The relationship with Isabel lasted for two and a half years. Immediately following high school, Brenda the first person Esteban had kissed, mentioned earlier and he tried dating again. But Esteban explained that the feelings in the relationship had changed: I knew she already had sex with someone else, and I already had sex with somebody else … and we both knew it. Esteban and Brenda dated for a short period of time and never engaged in any sexual activity besides kissing, hugging, and holding hands. Now, Brenda is married, has a child, and is pregnant.

They communicate once in a while via e-mail. Two years after high school, when Esteban was 20 years old, he had anal intercourse with a man for the first time. They met in a gay club that Esteban went to with a close female friend. So we got into it. We went on his bed and we started … he went down on me. I went down on him, for the first time ever, on anybody. And then, I ended up fucking him. We were completely naked, and I ended up having sex with him. And I loved it.

The feeling that was going through my mind, I knew it was different than that first time with my ex-girlfriend. It is so much better. Xex relaxed, and, you know, it was only comparing the first time with each. Bruce did not receive this information well. He felt betrayed and confused, and decided to Latino males and female sex talking to Esteban. Esteban went into a period of depression not clinically diagnosed. Six or seven months later, Bruce started speaking to him again, and the friendship was re-established. From the age of 21 Ltaino the present, Esteban has had several sex and love affairs with men and with women.

Interestingly, none of these partners was bisexual, and all of ad were Puerto Rican. However, he believes there is a difference in the way he ahd sex with male and female partners: Because one gives abd more than the other … women … I get a different feeling from women. Since children of engaged parents tend to be less sexually active, a Theology of the Body promotes respect and understanding for everyone. It also addresses why God created us this way, as sexual beings, and how to best express that sexuality. This theology can be incorporated in sermons to parents, and can be part of the Sunday school youth curriculum. This will help new generations to be born into an environment where talking about sex is not taboo; it will also foster better relationships between parents and youth, and empower youth to be independent and make better decisions about their future.

This can change social norms, and have youth carefully consider how they want to fit into the roles and behaviors that society is encouraging. Participants were asked about their experiences of orgasm and perceived partner orgasm erectile functioning, and whether or not they used any medications designed to attain or maintain an erection. Last, men indicated whether or not and to what extent they used condoms with male and female partners. Data Analysis Analysis in this paper is restricted to the 25 participants who identified themselves as Latinos. Text from transcribed qualitative interview data served as the basis for analysis. All text data were coded and analyzed using NVivo.

The data from the 15 interviews conducted in Spanish were transcribed and translated by a certified translator. Data organization, analysis, and interpretation took place in several standard stages Elliott, Data were analyzed for initial codes utilizing a team coding strategy to ensure reliability. Initial codes were then organized into categories to develop more abstract theoretical codes from the data. The questionnaire assessed the most recent sexual behaviors as well as the lifetime sexual experiences with female and male partners. All analyses were conducted using SPSS version Results Participant Characteristics A diverse sample of 75 bisexual men from Indianapolis and surrounding areas took part in the study.

Additionally, Table 2 presents an overview of participant pseudonyms that were created for using quotes within the text of this paper.

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