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Woman forced to strip before man raped her in Brooklyn, police say

The twelve light old gay to Taylor rayne mpegs thumbs with the side of her heart. Swell's attorney, Zeljka Bozanic, became Operational 10, "Mr.

Police released a sketch Tuesday of the man they believe is responsible. The also srrip an updated description of the suspect. They say he's a black male, about 5'9" tall. He's got a thin build and medium length braids. He was wearing a black ball cap, a dark green tee shirt, and dark jeans.

He was carrying a dark, semi-automatic handgun. Here was our original story on the case: Louis police are looking for a man who robbed three young girls of their cell phones and a little bit of their innocence. The man approached the three outside one of their homes near Elmbank Monday night. The victims, 12, 15, and 17, would eventually be forced to take of some of their clothing in the middle of the street. The twelve year old spoke to us with the permission of her mother. She brought me to her job and they just let me go on. They let you go on? Mm-hm, they said, 'Go ahead, go dance, we'll get ready. Did you meet the people who ran the club?

I rex bad about it. Somewhat did he tell you when he came it?.

Did they ask you any questions about yourself? Did Yougn ask for ID? Also at the house frced said was defendant Vibert Jean, who pocketed the cash the year-old made stripping at Club Madonna. He was like threatening me and stuff. He was like, 'If you don't go, um, if you don't go, I'm going to beat you up,' or whatever. The young teen told the lieutenant that the suggestion to strip at the South Beach club came up after she told the defendants she didn't want to be listed on the online site Backpage. How many days did you dance?

Girls to Young strip forced

The seventh grader described one of the times she said Jean took her Club Madonna earnings. What did he tell you when he took it? He didn't tell me nothing, he just took it out of my bag and I was like, 'Why are you taking my money for? He said, 'If you leave we'll come after you. Alfonso asked, "Why didn't you leave? Cause they locked the gate. How many weeks were you there? Like three and a half. Crime scene photos of the home snapped by detectives executing a search warrant show multiple surveillance cameras inside and outside the house. There are also pictures of a condom, guns, exotic clothing, cash and bags of marijuana.

You saw them sell drugs? Yeah, I saw the drugs. You saw the drugs, what were they? There was crack, it was white. They put them in like little bags and they had weed. She goes on to say, "I know what weed looks like, so they had weed, they had weed in the freezer and they had crack. At one point she seems to imply that a friend of her mother knows one of the defendants. That person, she explained, did tell one of the defendants that she was 13, to which she said, "I was like, 'No they lying, I'm They portrayed Jean as the victim of a streetwise runaway who is lying as revenge for Jean telling the young girl she had to leave the house. Local 10 obtained a bus ticket that appears to show Jean was in Tampa for several days while the incidents were taking place.

The year-old told Lt. Alfonso that Jean left the house for about a week. He said I am going to get some connections for you. He wanted me to have sex with people. Jean's attorney, Zeljka Bozanic, told Local 10, "Mr.

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