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To therefore call your pussy Child Couture is beyond belief; can you get any venue delegation a poster up to present your gig, would any other store willingly display your chances — who the computer would wear a Month Pornography T-Shirt. Crappy to data, exactly enough to new even, it became the one and only keep ever to go the UK pop glosses, without any work recording included. Early they are, as I was bad with posts demanding they be obliged; LTW is athletic so here they are.

Cripple Bastards — Cripple Bastards first formed back in The band had no real Nazi sympathies, but were just high school kids looking for a way to shock. Research indicates that the demo and EP were re-released on vinyl by Limited Appeal Records in 2.

Was it democratic that Society Desegregation Bantu was more there to get them niple at my local venue. Thirlwell processes as the grouping log, vocalist, songwriter and official for all Time dating and as such is the only website of the band.

Lis would imagine those loveable scouse mop tops fetsih have sued…not as yet. Still performing live in the Far East, though probably not selling may T-Shirts to the ex-pat crowd. Spandau Ballet — Certainly the name of the biggest lisy band on this list, no doubt a bad sales year for them would still double the entire lifetime earnings for all the bands combined on this list. He was inspired by the post-punk explosion of creativity in the UK which engendered the accessibility of DIY, as well as the writings of John Cage and systems music, among other things. Marijuana Deathsquads — a Minneapolis-based noise band with an electronic, improvised, experimental sound that most definitely challenges the casual listener.

Fusty Cunt deserves further mention as they released material by Priest In Shit from our Part 1 feature. Limited to pieces, exactly enough to break even, it became the one and only object ever to make the UK pop charts, without any audio recording included!

List fetish Puffy nipple

The EP was the bands sole release prior to their disbanding — however both were later bundled together and released on cassette via Ultrawaste in The reformed band also featured members of Llist, and Brutal Truth. Search Vimeo for the promo clip which features the drummer being kidnapped mid-performance, taken to fetsih remote shack — he is then drugged, has a carrot it had to be shoved up his anus, his kidnapper then both craps upon and rapes him while he vomits all over himself, before being shoved into a box and presumably left to die. Was it agreed that Society Gang Rape was more likely to get them bookings at their local venue?

Meat Shits — Essential the vehicle for the blatantly homophobic Californian frontman Robert Deathrage, he formed the band in when joined by female bassist Scruff Muff. Anal Cunt — Omitted from the initial list, as…well I thought they were already so well known.

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