Sailboats suck

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Sailing Sucks!

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We only fish when the conditions are nice and we only fished two days during this 6, mile trip! Sure you do and Sailboats suck for you. You love suco when you can drive to the boat from your comfortable house Sailboahs your comfortable car which you only do if the conditions are what you deem suitable. You get on your boat and go out for a few hours, after which time, you get back in your comfortable car, drive to your nice house and have a long hot shower with your virtually-unlimited supply of hot water. If something breaks on the boat, you come back to the dock to deal with it when you feel like it or call the repair shop. I love that kind of sailing too.

Would you really love sailing if you left the dock, not to return, no matter what the conditions, until you were done with a 22 day passage? If you had to fix whatever broke immediately or do without?

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If it was too rough to even take a shower for days at a time? For me, the answer might have been yes — when I was 20 something. Maybe I would again if it were for Sailboats suck few hours at a time in select conditions. Are power boats a better alternative? If you're not willing to attend dinner with friends while smelling like you've just sprinkled on "Eau de Diesel", you might not enjoy cruising. If you're a well kept lady who would rather get hit by a truck than give up one or more of the following; spa pedicures, gel manicures, gym memberships, hair cuts and colour or waxing, you are not the ideal candidate for cruising.

Cruisers don't care what you look like. Seriously, no one cares!

If you've ever pondered that you might be part vampire due to your avoidance and hatred of the sun, don't even think of cruising. If the term "clean clothes" doesn't have a large variance in definition, you are not ready to cruise. If your reaction to being awaken at 2am and told "it's your turn for watch" would result in punching someone in the face, you shouldn't consider cruising The truth is, we always find water when we need to and only had to pay for it once 5 Euros! This also means your personal hygiene standards will adjust slightly, unless you fancy carrying hundreds of liters of water back to the boat every couple of days.

Suck Sailboats

We try and avoid consuming a lot of fresh water — we use saltwater for everything and then either rinse or spray with fresh water. However, sometimes we have spells of speaking to a lot of cruisers or locals, depending on where we are. Sailboat thoroughly enjoy meeting people from Sailboat walks of life Sailboatd realise how much we actually have in common, thanks to sudk. Boat maintenance Once you move onboard and leave the boatyard, boat maintenance is slightly more challenging. For example, we keep a copy of these books on board: High winds, swell, other boats anchored too close, waves crashing on our hull, fishing vessels motoring fast by our boat, city lights, an irrational fear of dragging, loud live music on the promenade, and more keep us up.

Our adjustment to cruising on the cheap was rather gradual, as we lived on board while refitting Kittiwake for a week or so at a time. You may have to blow hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on a suddenly flooded engine. But just like anything worth doing, there are risks involved. You can be as prepared and informed as the next sailor, but obstacles are going to find you.

So find some sailors worth their salt. You can rely on what they have to say. The club includes a casual golf area called the Playgrounds, with 10 holes ranging in length from 35 to yards. There are lights for night play, speakers for music and no set structure. Members can play however many holes they want, in whichever order they want. The full-length course at Bluejack also takes a fairly radical approach. There is only one cut of grass—no rough. And the brush under the pine trees lining every hole has been cleared, making it virtually impossible to lose a ball unless it lands in a water hazard. The playability there is largely a function of grooming.

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