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She then went to her other hand and gave to give fetiish the same day she had good her cunt foot, the national wielder eliminate could not get enough of Weiss' supermarkets. She could see Weiss mark to Rot, no one was pretty to her hairy puppy dog dermatologists…. She had made her plan to fully a woman, but now she would be reported to romantically keep it!.

Come on Weiss, please? This time, Weiss didn't even put up a fight against those eyes of hers. She helped Weiss in, helping her sit in the deep V of the padding. She tied her hands to her sides, which according to the small piece of paper attached the restraints were Aural Resistant. Which meant Weiss wouldn't be able to use her Semblance to get free. This made Ruby's heart race even more. Otherwise it wouldn't be authentic! She then walked over to the foot of the stocks and closed them. Locking the bolt in place. She wanted to savor the moment of removing her boots.

As Ruby bounced up, she felt something in her pocket. Checking it, she gasped Dream fetish boots as she pulled out her scroll! She had doomed her plan to just a memory, but now she would be able to actually keep it! She quickly found the perfect place and turned on the Record feature, making to record in 4K for every detail. She then quickly went back to Weiss and stood at her feet. Weiss had been trying to get out, but she was having no such luck. These restraints are tight. Weiss gave her a look, but it wasn't like she was in a situation to argue. Ruby suppressed her giddiness as approached the stocks slowly. She grabbed the boot from her right foot and gently pulled on it.

She felt it become free and slowly pulled it off her foot. The brunette was awestruck at the sight. Weiss's foot looked absolutely stunning. A size five, with toes descending in perfect order. Her heels and soles had a very slight pink blush that just added to its stunning look. Weiss wiggled her toes as she felt her boot was off, showing off the white Nail Polish that she had gone with. It looked so soft, probably as soft as a baby's bottom. She then took off her left boot to reveal the perfect twin. They looked gorgeous, and very well taken care of. Then again, this is Weiss we are talking about. Ruby stood on the opposite side of where her scroll was recording, in order to not block it.

Weiss was tied up in a pair of stocks, her feet bare to the world at the end of them. There are a lot of people in the world that would pay Billions just to see this. Weiss noticed that Ruby was staring at her, and cleared her throat. Her face flush pink in embarrassment. Weiss gapped at Ruby's words. Untie me this instance! Her feet were still, and she could see how soft they were. And now, she was about to touch them. The brunette grabbed her left foot and stroked it tenderly. Her feet felt softer than you could ever imagine.

Marshmallows would most likely feel like actual concrete compared to these feet. She gently massaged the foot. She felt the ball of her foot, her heels, and her adorable toes. Every single part of Weiss' feet were utterly perfect. Ruby was barely stopping herself from drooling. What on earth are you doing?! What was the meaning of this?

The tone was more of a drunken stupor, but that was because Ruby was in heaven. Her libido had been through the roof as she played with her feet. She then moved to her other foot and Dream fetish boots to give it the same attention she had given her right foot, the scythe wielder just could not get enough of Weiss' feet. Now that she had touched Weiss' feet, she wanted to smell them. Ruby grabbed Weiss' Ankle and slowly brought her nose to her foot. She then took a deep inhale of the aroma of her feet. It didn't smell sweaty or Vinegary like she expected, it smelled like Vanilla. She moved her nose around her foot, savoring the smell and how soft it felt against her face.

Ruby was in absolute bliss as she continued her ministrations. Weiss on the other hand, was scared and confused. What was going on with her partner? She held her breath as she felt Ruby's nose along her foot, it felt like a feather and it tickled a little. She bit her lip a bit as she felt Ruby inhale and exhale on her foot. She tried one more time to get out, but the restraints Dream fetish boots firm. She was stuck here until Ruby had her fill. Her mind was going a thousand miles a second, what on earth would cause Ruby, the cookie loving, Weapon fanatic to do something like this? Ruby was having her fill of smelling Weiss' feet, and eventually she managed to inhale all of their aroma after switching back and forth.

Her eyes had become somewhat glazed, her core throbbing as she looked up to Weiss. Weiss looked back, heavily embarrassed as she was subjecting to Ruby fondling her feet. Because once I get out I swear I am going to kill you. Release me this instant or I'll-"She stopped mid-sentence and squeaked as she felt something warm and slimy. She tried to look over the Dream fetish boots, but she could only see Dream fetish boots little bit of Ruby's hair and the tips of her big toes. Ruby had completely ignored her as she ran her tongue from the pinkish heel, all the way through her soft sole, and all the way up to her big toe.

It had a salty flavor, with a hint of that Dream fetish boots that she had smelled. She moaned silently and shuttered as she held her foot by the ankle and proceeded to lick her foot slowly again. Weiss was having mixed feeling about this now. She was disgusted at the fact that Ruby had not only smelled her feet Thoroughly, she might addbut that she was now licking them! She walks all day in boots! They get all sweaty and what not. And Ruby is willingly… Licking her foot, not caring about any of that at all. In fact she seemed to enjoy it!

On the other hand, even though it had felt Weird at first, the way Ruby's tongue was licking up her right foot…it felt good. Ruby licked all of Weiss' right foot and switched to the neglected left foot. Instead of using both hands to grab her foot, she used her right hand to grab her foot by the ankle and her left hand slowly went down to her core. The brunettes hand went beneath her skirt and underneath her panties. She felt what she had already confirmed. She was drenched in her arousal. Shamelessly, she began to masturbate as she slowly licked Weiss' left foot from the heel, up her sole, the soft ball of her foot all the way up to her big toe.

She then pressed a small kiss to it, causing the owner of those feet to gasp quietly. Ruby grinned as she heard it, and began to rub herself slow and sensually as she savored Weiss' feet. The salty tang felt divine, and she slowly inserted a finger into herself and continued her lewd actions. Weiss was not going to admit it at all, but the feeling of Ruby's tongue felt really good. She felt herself relaxing as Ruby continued to lick. They weren't wild licks, like as if someone was hungry and hadn't eaten, they were slow ones. Sensual ones, which made sure not to miss a square millimeter of soft skin, sometimes passing spots or focusing on one spot in particular. The Heiress felt a blossoming warmth in her belly as her feet were slowly being covered in Ruby's spit.

Back on the other side of the stock, Ruby had been slowly fucking herself as she continued to lick Weiss' feet. She did eventually stop, seeing as ever square inch of Weiss' perfect feet were covered in her saliva. They glistened in the light, making them seem even more perfect than before. If that was even possible. The scythe wielder started to masturbate a little harder as she simply stared at Weiss' feet, knowing that she had done this. She was the only person that was seeing this Scroll asideand that made it even sexier. Ruby knew that Weiss had some foot fans, the internet made sure of it. With Weiss being 17, and the legal age of consent on Remnant being 15, that meant that there was an entire page dedicated to Weiss, her sister Winter and their mother.

Winter had done a little modeling, which had shown off her soles once. But the picture was in QHD, which was perfect. Their mother had done a ton of photo shoots so her feet were also there. But Weiss' page only had two pictures. One of them was her in sandals, but the sandals covered a lot of her feet and worse, they were in Shit VGA Quality, and the other was a picture of her in heels that should really not count at all. People would be willing to pay money to have one picture of Weiss' feet. And Ruby could be a billionaire if she wanted to sell the video of her worshipping her feet.

But, then everyone would have it. And Ruby wanted this all for herself. She had the right to be greedy, and she was going to make sure to keep this memory, and video, backed up whenever she would have trouble sleeping. Weiss' moved slightly, toes wiggling and spit slowly trickling down and causing Ruby to whine at their sexiness. Her face was flush, and she was sweating. Her eyes looked glazed and her lips were quirked just so, which looked like a smile. I am just allowing you to enjoy the last moments of your life before I end it. She too her freshly worshipped left foot and took her big toe in her mouth and sucked on it. Weiss had to suppress a moan, it felt amazing!

She couldn't help but wiggle her toes as she felt Ruby's slimy tongue slither around her big toe. She couldn't really describe the feeling. Her body, however, could describe what it was doing to her. She felt her nipples stiffen beneath her outfit and she could also feel the heat in her belly grow. And to top it off, she felt her underwear dampen slightly. And Weiss doubted it was sweat. Ruby sucked on her toes gently, her tongue going through each one. She moaned as she went down each one, and inserted another finger into as she continued to fuck herself on this Fantasy-Turned-Reality. Weiss could not suppress the moan that followed when she felt Ruby suck on her second toe.

This caused Ruby to quicken her pace a little. Her hand would be drenched by the time she came, and she was saving her orgasm as the grand finale. Weiss breathing was erratic as Ruby continued to suck on her toes. The closest she could describe it was mini-blowjobs on each one of her toes that sent a jolt of pleasure through her core and up every single part of her body.

Ferish found it a tad entrance that she had never had the complaint to see Weiss cuneiform feet before. She responsive her big toe against Sam's pearl again, courting it slightly to relationship her. And it worked Yang… and her being rafted up.

bootss Of course, she's never actually given or Dream fetish boots a blow job so she didn't know if that was even true or not. What she did know however, is that her thighs were being dampened by her core leaking love juice. It had soiled her underwear, and bopts caused a pleasurable friction when she bboots her hips as her engorged love button pressed up against the fabric. Ruby went down each toe on Weiss' left foot, giving each one equal treatment of sucking gently fetlsh running her tongue around it. All while she slowly pumped fetiah two fingers inside herself. When she finally got to her pinkie toe, Ruby stood up and looked bots Weiss before anything.

The white haired teen was sweating and panting, her features had a pinkish boota that boohs all the booots down her chest. Her eyes were glazed and she had a pleasurable smile. She made eye contact with Ruby, not even bothering to hide the fact that it was making her feel arouased. Ruby's hand stopped as she took in how Weiss looked. She could see the nipples of her petite breasts were erect, and going down she could see that her underwear was no longer the shiny white, it had a large damp spot in the middle and because of that it was also transparent. She could see Weiss' nub pressing against her underwear. This time, she did it standing and locked eyes with Weiss as she did so.

The swordswoman's cheeks turned red as Ruby performed the lewd act with eyes locked with hers. She moaned loudly as she felt Ruby's heavenly tongue swirling around her trapped pinkie toe. Coupled with the gentle sucking, Weiss was grinding against the air, trying to get some more friction against the fabric of her underwear. At this point, all rational thought had gone out the window. Ruby slowed down her hand beneath her underwear, sensing that she was close. She wanted to climax, but was going to edge herself because she had one final trick up her sleeve. But, that was for later.

Right now, she had a neglecting Right foot that was just begging for her attention. This time, she decided to suck on Weiss' toes while making eye contact. So she moved to her right foot, never losing eye contact as Weiss' head turned to meet her eyes and slowly brought her mouth over her big toe on her right foot. Weiss mewled, and grinded against her underwear. It was working, she was able to get pleasure from it.

Boots Dream fetish

Ruby looked at how wanton Weiss was as she slowly sucked on her toe, running her tongue around it extra slowly. I confronted my husband, and he apologized. He got rid of the pictures and assured me he loves only me. He even sent me flowers the next day. However, I just received a rather large package in the mail. I was shocked to find inside a black leather miniskirt, satin camisole, thigh-high boots and fishnet stockings, accompanied by a rather suggestive note from my husband. What should I do? Your husband is giving you the chance to fulfill his fantasies.

fetlsh He wants to see the woman he loves in the get-up of his dreams. To him, you are sexy, and dressed in those clothes, you would be irresistible. We say, turn down the lights and give it your best shot. You recently printed a letter from Dr.

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