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You'll see girls kow in from the beach and pull their tits out of their bikinis before jumping on their boyfriend's big dick and riding him hard. Some girls invite over girlfriends for a threesome, get their tits fucked, tuat anal sex, and most will let their man cum all over their face and in their smiling mouths. The high resolution picture sets that go with each update are also set up to be browsed through and enjoyed online rather than downloaded. Some changes have been made to the member's area, too. The streaming player is huge now so that you don't have to go fullscreen to enjoy the HD resolutions.

The browsing and search tools are similar to what they always were and that's fine, since they did the job quite well. You'll have no trouble looking up similar movies and tracking down all the scenes on the network your favorite girls star in. You'll also have no trouble accessing your bonuses.

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You get access to HD streams from the other Mofos network sites as well as all their new updates. Firstly, I was immediately put off by an ad on the main membership page. I don't know about you, but if I'm paying for membership at a site, I expect it I know that girl amateur ad free. Admittedly, this ad was for a feature that comes with membership, but I still felt it an unnecessary addition to what was an otherwise well put together page. Also, despite doing a fairly convincing job of balancing between coming off as amateur while still maintaining high production values, I felt they sometimes might have went overboard while trying to achieve the former.

Several of the scenes had less than stellar sound quality, to the point that I was hearing an awful hissing sound. I think the main flaw, however, is the fact that you aren't getting real homemade footage, but instead scenes acted by professionals. And no matter how good that acting may be, I don't think it can ever truly achieve the magic of real people doing things they ordinarily wouldn't in front of a camera. But perhaps that's just me. On a more positive note, your membership includes access to a few bonus sites, including the DVD and Reality Networks, which altogether hold well over 20 sites of their own.

They also do well in sticking to most of their promises, delivering great looking HD content on a regular basis. So, if you're after the whole amateur experience, but without the amateur quality, then I can't recommend this site to you enough.

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