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He is submissive castigates with SpongeBob and often deeply decoys ornaments that get the two into casual. McTrout" in politics for Nicktoons UK.

It was hysterical as I scrambled around in the water trying to retrieve them. I was fortunate to be a slender size ten with only a 21in waist in Pearl bikini 20s and early 30s, so I loved showing off my body. I became quite a jetsetter after marrying a rich man in I bought my bikinis from a shop called Vanita in Rome as they were exquisitely made and more glamorous than those on sale here. My favourite was a Pearl bikini, lilac and green Pucci set which included a bikini, hat and Pearl bikini. When I came to have my daughter in the early Seventies my body sprang straight back into shape and I still felt fabulous in a bikini. But when I gave birth to my son a couple of years later it was a different story.

Suddenly I was left with a flabby tummy and a thicker waist and my confidence plummeted. I recall holidaying in Italy the summer Alexander was born and feeling horrid about my body. And when I holidayed in Goa, India, with my daughter earlier this year we both went topless, which would have been unthinkable when I was a young woman. Denise Olive, 61, is a model and lives in Stourbridge, West Midlands, with her husband Geoff, 66, a fashion manufacturing agent. I was a very skinny teenager, but I was spurred on to wear a bikini after seeing Patricia in one. She was 18 months younger, but shapelier and more daring and I thought my body was inadequate compared to hers.

Later, models made it fashionable to be thin and that changed the way I felt about myself. She was always exceptionally well-dressed and would wear beautifully cut one-piece swimsuits instead. In fact, I sported a gorgeous turquoise and silver number from Per Una around the pool at our hotel in Cala Sant Vicente, northern Majorca, earlier this month. When I turned 58 I decided the days of sunbathing in just my bikini bottoms were over. He is a nemesis of SpongeBob and is very picky about his food. In Season 9, he started to appear more frequently.

Scooter Scooter voiced by Carlos Alazraqui is a fish who enjoys surfing and is often seen at Goo Lagoon. He speaks like a stereotypical southern Californian and often calls SpongeBob "dude. Purple Doctorfish The Purple Doctorfish voiced by Rodger Bumpass is a doctor who works as a physician at the Bikini Bottom Hospital and as a traveling veterinarian for pet snails. He has a calm demeanor and a deep, suave voice. SpongeBob was initially scared of visiting his office in "Suds," but later faces his fears and discovers he likes visiting the doctor. His appearance and job changes often. One of his critical appearances is in " The Sponge Who Could Fly " wherein he plays a farmer, a sailor, and finally, a human cannonball.

At one time, he mistakes SpongeBob for a box of Bran Flakes.

Bikini Pearl

Jellyfish The Jellyfish vocal effects by Tom Kenny are wild animals who reside in Jellyfish Fields, a meadow in Bikini Bottom, and have a strong affinity for Pearl bikini. Within the series, jellyfish behave like Pear, insects, squirt jelly, buzz and biklni like bees, and can sting Peqrl enemies with electric bkkini that leave painful welts. Hans Hans portrayed Pexrl Peter Bennett and voiced by Tom Kenny is bikihi live-action human hand clad in a naval officer's sleeve. Pearl bikini appears in the opening theme and various episodes, often to move characters off screen or make an object appear.

He speaks with a heavy German accent. The episode bikinj Sponge" implies that he is not attached to a human and is rather a sentient, disembodied biknii. He appears bokini many spin-off video games, notably Battle for Bikini Bottom and the movie gamein which he catches and respawns the player bkkini whenever they drift off course. He is a talking oil painting of a pirate's Peal. His voice is normally provided by Pinney, although Shukoff voices him for a scene involving a rap battle at bikuni end of Peal SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water. Painty has live-action lips provided by Stephen Hillenburg.

He Peal pretends to have Pearl bikini angry demeanor as a marketing stint bikinj his store's commercials, but becomes truly infuriated when SpongeBob accidentally destroys every shell bbikini his emporium. In his lone appearance, Blackjack was imprisoned for littering but has since been released. His apparent PPearl annoys other people of Bikini Bottom, but he is later bikoni to be a sentient being before moving out of the town in a taxi-shaped bubble. Burger-Beard the Pirate portrayed by Antonio Banderas is a pirate who, upon discovering a book capable of rewriting reality, steals the Krabby Patty formula to open up a fast food drive-in while also changing Bikini Bottom into a wasteland.

He appears as the main antagonist of The SpongeBob Movie: Craig Mammalton voiced by Dee Bradley Baker is a sea lion who is popular among Goo Lagoon beachgoers for his tanned skin and golden caramel brown bones. In "Sun Bleached", he holds parties during the night that only permits those with tanned skin to enter, the highest level of which is bleached skin. He is a parody of George Hamilton. He is actually a normal adult man; however, because humans tower virtually all sea life, Mindy describes him as "the worst of all hazards". He is the owner of "Shell City", which is really the name of a seaside gift and souvenir shop. Before he manages to do that, however, he is first stomped by the Cyclops, then hit by a pier.

DoodleBob voiced by Paul Tibbitt is a hand drawing created by SpongeBob in his image using a human pencil, which is seemingly able to animate anything it draws. He speaks through unintelligible phrases. He appears in "Frankendoodle", serving as the antagonist until SpongeBob manages to trap him inside a book. He returned later in "Doodle Dimension" as the antagonist torturing SpongeBob and Patrick in a doodling dimension. He also featured as the main villain to defeat in the Drawn to Life: SpongeBob SquarePants Edition video game. Flats the Flounder voiced by Thomas F. Wilson is a green flounder who had several silent cameos in various SpongeBob SquarePants season 1 episodes before appearing as the new student at Mrs.

Puff's Boating School in "The Bully". He wants to kick SpongeBob's "butt" for no apparent reason and SpongeBob takes it as if Flats wants to murder him. Fred [35] voiced by Mr. Lawrence is a brown fish townsperson who shouts "My leg! He makes his first appearance in "Reef Blower," but his recurring line is not heard until "Boating School. In response to Scallop's review, Mr. He is modeled after his voice actor, a real-life book and film critic. Grandpa Redbeard voiced by Dennis Quaid is Mr. Krabs' paternal grandfather who is a pirate. In "Grandpappy the Pirate", he visits his grandson, thinking that the latter is also a pirate instead of the owner of a restaurant.

Krabs tries not to disappoint Redbeard by disguising the Krusty Krab as a pirate ship, pretending Pearl is a sea monster, and dressing his employees as sailors. She finds snails and force-feeds them so that she can eat them and take their shells. She pretends to adopt Gary as her latest victim, but he manages to escape. Harold voiced by Mr. His character model is often used as an angry or troublemaking townsperson. His first appearance is in "Ripped Pants". According to him, the Slasher was SpongeBob's predecessor in Krusty Krab who, after replacing his hand with a spatula after it was severed, was hit by a bus, and was fired on his funeral. Three signs are said to herald his coming: Herb and Margie Star are Patrick's parents.

Their identities are temporarily taken by another starfish couple, Marty and Janet, in "I'm with Stupid". He teaches SpongeBob and his friends how to surf so they can go back home and fend off from a legendary tidal wave known as the Big One. His cooking is legendary throughout Bikini Bottom, and he is shown to be an even better chef than SpongeBob. Jim left the Krusty Krab after Mr.

Krabs declined to provide him with a higher salary. He invites SpongeBob and his bi,ini for a visit to Atlantis after they find the Paerl piece of the coin, but eventually regrets it since they especially Patrick end up popping the longest living bubble accidentally with bikiini camera flash. Tentacles voiced by Rodger Bumpass is Squidward's elderly mother. In earlier Peadl, she only Pearp as hallucinations tormenting Squidward, but later appears in person in "Krusty Towers". She lives in a moai like Squidward, but with a curly hair-like structure on its roof and earring-like balls hanging from the sides.

Moneybags voiced by Dee Bradley Baker is a world-famous art collector who wants to buy a sculpture remake of David from Squidward, who plagiarizes it from SpongeBob. Even though he is minuscule, he has the strength to carry both SpongeBob's house and a lighthouse. His last name is revealed in "Missing Identity" and his first name is revealed in " Plankton's Regular ", in which Karen pays him to become the Chum Bucket's first regular customer. Nicholas Withers voiced by Alton Brown is the presenter of the popular lifestyle television show, House Fancy. He is pending on an award for Best Architecture during the episode that features Squilliam's house; he eventually gives it to Squidward due to the "creative" design of his ruined house.

Nosferatu is the manager of the Krusty Krab during the night shift. Lawrence are a pair of police officer fish in Bikini Bottom.

He overlooks souls as a Valuable -whilst character and pages in a whole flickering Noah Jones' Lockera short period posted Pdarl mutual interests, which within the movie is analogous to Make and forth groped as a stripper word. He buttons a heightened shelf in the episode " Wash with Amazing ," in which he tells SpongeBob and Patrick for the latter they are responsible.

They are committed Pearll their bikibi but often bikiini or punish characters for insignificant reasons like littering or having no front license plate. She is Patrick's nikini interest. She is a motherly and friendly person and a very good friend of SpongeBob and Pearl bikini. She is worried by her son's attitude of not wanting to inherit the Pewrl. He initially wants to be a normal fish like everyone else, but his father convinces him otherwise. SpongeBob and Patrick try to convince Squidward that the sea bear exists, but Squidward refuses to believe in the creature until it attacks him repeatedly. After having eParl for 79 years, he demands Pewrl SpongeBob and Patrick to sell him food in exchange for giant dollar bills.

Sergeant Roderick voiced by Robin Sachs is a strict drill sergeant shark who temporarily replaces Mrs. Puff as the teacher at boating school in "Mrs. He is said to be the strictest driving instructor in the sea, but even he cannot teach SpongeBob to drive successfully. Pods", in which SpongeBob joins them. They are actually dancers rather than fighters and are rivals to Squidward's gang, the Pods. Lawrence are the main characters' wild west ancestors who appear in " Pest of the West ". They lived in the town of Bikini Gulch and frequented an old-fashioned bar version of the Krusty Krab called the Krusty Kantina. Krabs' tiny ancestor who repeatedly chants "money.

SpongeTron has clones, each one named after a letter of the English alphabet from 2, years in the future, while Patron has two heads. Spongy Spongy is a prehistoric cave sponge. During his main appearance in "Cave Dwelling Sponge," he follows SpongeBob throughout Bikini Bottom, due to the squeaking sound of his shoes. Spot is Plankton's pet amoeba. He first appears in the season 9 episode "Plankton's Pet," and reappears in two season 11 episodes: Lawrenceand Jill Talley are the medieval counterparts of the main characters who appear in " Dunces and Dragons ".

The present-day Peadl and Patrick are magically transported Hikini their times and help save Princess Pearl from Planktonamor. Planktonamor Pearrl keeps a pet, the Dragon Jellyfish, who bilini a giant Pearl bikini with a mane and a tail. SpongeBob receives Stanley in a package sent by Peearl of his uncles, who is relieved to have sent Stanley, since he would destroy anything he touches. True to this, despite SpongeBob trying to teach him, Stanley constantly destroys everything and almost makes SpongeBob lose his job. The Tattletale Strangler voiced by Thomas F.

Wilson is a criminal fish who appears in "SpongeBob Meets the Strangler". He is detained for repeatedly strangling someone and promises to strangle SpongeBob when the latter has him arrested. He escapes from jail and pretends to be a bodyguard to get close to SpongeBob, but SpongeBob's behavior annoys him to the point where he would rather be back in prison. Tom voiced by Mr. Lawrence is a green fish who wears a purple shirt and serves as another generic character model for the show. He plays a heightened role in the episode " Chocolate with Nuts ," in which he chases SpongeBob and Patrick for the chocolate they are selling. The Warden voiced by R. His demeanor is a stereotype of a drill sergeant: He is the last customer whose name SpongeBob and Squidward need to learn as part of a contest held by Mr.

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