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He also appeared in the comedy Shaun of the Dead. Dead Man's Chestalthough his face was entirely obscured by computer-generated makeup; he voiced the character with a Scots accent. Two of Nighy's most acclaimed stage performances were in National Theatre productions. He starred alongside Stephen Moore and Lesley Sharp in the acclaimed short radio drama Kerton's Storywritten by James Woolf and first aired in At World's Endin which his real face was briefly revealed in one scene. The couple separated amicably in Evolution inand again in the prequel Underworld: He returned in the same role in the sequel Underworld: Nighy also appeared as General Friedrich Olbrichtone of the principal conspirators, in the film Valkyrie.

Movie Interracial thumbs wife

During the s, he appeared in several television productions, among them Hitler's SS: He has said of his role as Rufus Scrimgeour that it meant he was no longer the only English actor not to be thumbss Harry Potter. He claimed that the serial, an Ann Oakley novel adapted by Laura Lamsonwas the job which launched his career. Nighy starred in the film Wild Target in He also provided the narration for the Animal Planet series Meerkat Manor. Rise of the Lycans in In he gained further prominence in the UK with the starring role in "The Photographer", an episode of the award-winning BBC-TV mockumentary comedy series People Like Usplaying Will Rushmore, a middle aged man who has abandoned his career and family in the deluded belief that he can achieve success as a commercial photographer.

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He had a starring role in the return of Movif Wiedersehen, Petportraying crooked politician Jeffrey Grainger. Nighy had his first starring role in as Tom Sergeant, a restaurant entrepreneur, in David Hare 's Skylightwhich had premiered in and was moved to the Vaudeville Theatre. As Bernard Nightingale, an unscrupulous university don, in Tom Stoppard 's Arcadiahe engaged in witty exchanges with Felicity Kendalwho played the role of Hannah Jarvis, an author. He reprised the role in the sequel, Pirates of the Caribbean: After leaving the school with two O-levelshe took a job as a messenger with The Croydon Advertiser.

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