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This Week in OUT: Netflix's Steamy Gay Show, 'Gender X,' and Sony Hall

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Handler has long been criticized for the way Steaamy talks about race, gender and sexuality and it seems that she isn't stopping anytime soon. He is thought to be the first man in California, and third man in the U.

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This Week in OUT: Browse the series here. Although he defended himself, saying he supports gay rights and is pro-choice, he seemed to bash those groups during his speech. And it appears she might already be moving on to another gag-worthy role. For the first time, Hutchins opened up about her relationship with Caitlyn, or as she prefers, partnership. An estimatedfans flocked to the city to see sneak peeks of their favorite TV shows and casts, get their hands on exclusive nerdy merch, and to just be immersed in a shuffling mass of like-minded entertainment enthusiasts. Watch the idiocy unfold in real time.

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This letter is for the students of Parkland and Aurora and Las Vegas. The countless students who have had the drive, the passion, and the tenacity to do this work in between SAT study sessions. WV Councilman on Kavanaugh Confirmation:

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