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There are three main types of breast surgeries — breast augmentation or breast enlargement, breast lift and reduction. Each surgery type requires a special knowledge of the female body and also the latest surgical techniques to achieve the best results. Pfeifer is one of the most highly-trained providers of Plastic Surgery; with a focus on breast augmentation, extensive experience, and bring this skill to each breast augmentation surgery she performs. Her vast knowledge and expertise has been highlighted in almost multiple publications and articles including being listed as a Castle Connolly Top Doctor. Talk to us about your vision: Tracy Pfeifer is respected authority in the field of breast augmentation surgery.

Implant Types The latest generation of breast implants are superior in look, feel, and longevity, when compared to implants placed in the past. There are several types used by Dr. Pfeifer, including silicone, saline, gummy bear, and others.

Breast implants are now available in more sizes and shapes than ever, making it Beeast to create new breasts that look, bounce, and feel natural. Whether enlarrgement to restore breasts after a mastectomy, or to enhance the size and shape of breast tissue, find out more about the various implant types. While saline implants produce less scarring, as they are filled after placement, they have a slightly less natural feel. Despite this, each type has advantages your surgeon can discuss with you. What are the newest types of breast implants? Face-lift Rhytidectomy Montefiore's surgeons work to remove evidence of aging, such as wrinkles, jowls or loose skin on the face or neck.

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We also perform eyelid surgery blepharoplasty enlwrgement reduce hooding or sagging, with a face-lift or as a separate procedure. Surgery of the nose Rhinoplasty Our team routinely performs a variety of reductions or adjustments to the nose. We are equally skilled in procedures for cosmetic purposes or to address medical issues, such as correction of injury or birth defect, or to relieve breathing problems. Notably, Montefiore is world renowned for innovating and perfecting procedures to reshape non-Caucasian noses. Breast-lift Mastopexy Our staff helps restore the breast's shape and position, which may have shifted as a result of gravity.

We also perform mastopexy following a mastectomy to ensure rnlargement best match Breash the newly reconstructed breast and the original breast. Breast augmentation Augmentation mammaplasty Our focus with breast augmentation is to enhance the size and shape of women's breasts, to correct a breast volume reduction following pregnancy or to balance breast size. We focus on using breakthrough techniques and technology to increase the bust line and minimize scarring. Correction of enlarged male breasts Gynecomastia Montefiore's practiced team removes excess fat or glandular tissue from the breasts for natural-looking results with minimal scarring.

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