Warts on the head of the penis

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Genital warts

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They are usually benign, or non-cancerous, but some types can become cancerous in time. In appearance, genital warts are often flesh-colored or gray swellings.

If several cluster together, they may resemble a haed. Some may be too small to be seen by the naked eye. About 1 in sexually active people in the United States have genital warts. Between andthe prevalence of HPV was 7. It is possible to have HPV without showing symptoms.

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Genital warts often appear about 3 months after infection. However, in some cases, there lenis be no symptoms for many years. Fast facts on genital warts Genital warts are contagious. They are caused by human papillomavirus HPV infecting the skin. The biggest risk factor for genital warts is unprotected sex. Some genital warts respond well to topical medication. Treatment Genital warts are highly contagious. Author George Chernilevsky, own work A topical cream can remove most genital warts. Topical means that medicine is applied directly to the skin.

Doctors will only treat patients who have visible warts.

However, the virus can still expelled without visible winks. If wails do better, it can host over a year after most.

The type of treatment depends on: A cream or liquid is applied directly onto the warts for several days each week. You should not attempt to remove papules or warts by yourself. They are lf or lenis and resemble whiteheads. Genital warts are flesh-coloured, irregular in shape and often grow in clusters. They can have a soft texture or be rough and hard. Location PPP only occurs on the head of the penis. The papules grow close together in lines around the base of the penis head. Genital warts can grow anywhere on the penis, scrotum, anus, or inner thighs. They can also grow inside the anus or the urethra.

It has no known cause. They'll often get test results quicker than GP practices, and you don't have to pay a prescription charge. What happens at a sexual health clinic A doctor or nurse can usually diagnose warts by looking at them. Treatment for genital warts Treatment for genital warts needs to be prescribed by a doctor. The type of treatment you'll be offered depends on what your warts are like. The doctor or nurse will discuss this with you. In some people the treatment doesn't work. There's no cure for genital warts but it's possible for your body to clear the virus over time. Do tell the doctor or nurse if you're pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, as some treatments won't be suitable avoid perfumed soaps or bubble baths during treatment as these can irritate the skin ask the doctor or nurse if your cream treatment will affect condoms, diaphragms or caps Don't do not use wart treatment from a pharmacy — these are not made for genital warts do not smoke — many treatments for genital warts work better if you don't smoke do not have vaginal, anal or oral sex until the warts have gone — if you do, use a condom How genital warts are passed on The genital warts virus can be passed on whether or not there are visible warts.

Many people with the virus don't have symptoms but can still pass it on.

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