Mg midget fuel problem

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The MG Experience

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Now not only can you check the manifold vacuum, but fue can test the fuel pump for proper operation. A really clever fellow would test the pressure on all his LBCs just to get an idea of what to expect. Connect the gauge to the output of the pump with the input still coming from the tank. Crank the engine for five seconds or for an electric pump; turn on the ignition for a few seconds, listening for guel pump to reach full pressure. On original SU pumps the Mg midget fuel problem will stop clicking when the problfm has built up, while on most aftermarket electric pumps, the sound and frequency problrm diminish. Shut everything off and look at the gauge. It should read between 2 and 4 PSI, but more importantly, the pressure should hold indefinitely.

Too much pressure can cause the float bowl to overflow, causing the engine to flood and gasoline to drip all midge that hot exhaust manifold. Harbor Freight also sells fire extinguishers! Truth is, many fuel delivery problems are not the fault of the pump at all. Crud in the gas tank often accumulates in the fuel line, especially on Triumphs with fuel lines coming from the bottom of the tank. Usually, the pump has a screen in it, or the lines at the carbs SU have thimble like sieves. If junk gets past these filters, the check valve in the float bowl will malfunction, causing the car to die or even worse, the bowl to overflow.

To prevent this situation, a clear disposable fuel filter Fram G2 should be installed as close to the tank as possible. Installing a filter under the bonnet right before the carbs is convenient, but not entirely effective. MORE Electric fuel pump. If you have a stock one, it will be located above the rear axle on the right side. Turn your key and and see if that is the area of the noise. You might have a have a solid state replacement which never shut off and make that sound constantly, whereas the stock Lucas will shut off when the floats fill up. Welcome, but as a new member, you would do well to introduce yourself and at least sign your name as there are about members here.

As a novice, you should check out my I have just purchased my first Midget and have a little niggle. When I turn the ignition key to the first position I get a subtle knocking noise - obviously something electrical - maybe fuel pump or starter motor???? As I start the engine and drive this knocking is still there so obviously a necessary part of the running of the car but the noise becomes louder and louder on an ad-hoc basis especially after a long run then pulling up at traffic lights.

MORE If the knocking is coming from the rear of the car what you are hearing is the fuel pump which is located in back in the wheel well. The time to worry is when you do not hear it at least on occasion. When you turn the key on it starts pumping and stops when the float bowls are full then it turns off and on as necessary to supply gas to the carburetors. A tip while on the subject. MORE If you can pull the tube oout with the nut tightened, that is your problem. There should be a ferrule in the end of the tube that the nut holds but compression.

You probably need news fuel feed lines between the jet and the float. I think the jet comes with these as an assembly. MORE I finally got fuel flow up to the carbs but the front jet is leaking where it threads into the float bowl. I tightened it but it still leaks the tube can be pulled out of the nut even when tight.

I reg commented it. Own If you can seem the end oout with the nut charged, that is your whole.

Is there anything that can be done or is it time for new jets? This engine better start right away or else! Martyn "Martyn Eastwood" I don't recall the tube being anything but vertical in the last part of it's length. What we did was pull the tank, pull the sender, find youthful human being with really thin arms my mechanic's 16 year old was on hand, thank God and get in there with a long needle nose pliers or whatever and wrench the clogged up filter netting right off the steel fuel feed line. This will take a lot of patience to finally get a grip on the stupid thing to the extent you have the leverage to disloge it from it's pipe, unless you get lucky MORE Everything is ready to start the engine but no fuel!

I must have screwed up when I sealed my tank! I must have sealed the outlet pipe shut.

I remember someone having done the same and fixed it. I don't remember what the fix was, must be old age! Thanks for the help. The owner or operator of any new motor vehicle or new motor vehicle engine beginning midgwt the model year equipped with an exhaust emission system shall maintain the exhaust emission system in good operable problme and shall use it at all times that the motor vehicle or motor vehicle engine is operated. The owner or oper- ator of the motor vehicle or motor vehicle engine shall not remove or intentionally make inoperable within the state of Texas the exhaust emission system or any part thereof, except where the purpose of removal of the exhaust This is theory which works until you come upon an entranceway with many cars merging, then you may find yourself forced into the middle lane in a situation wherein the traffic flow in the middle lane is doing 70 and you lack the power to merge left easily into THAT flow to make room in the right lane for I want to be able to drive the spridget.

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Midget problem Mg fuel

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