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Miss Texas Teen USA

As I was throbbing the webcast, there were not a few amazing comments in the chatroom on the side about this supplier. Why do you don't that is?.

North Dakota was quite the find. Audra Mari was tall and stunning and with a little polishing could be a very promising delegate for her state at Miss USA. Indiana was quite young but still seems like a fun-loving girl. You could tell that she totally wanted to be in this competition and is an experienced model working for the likes of Sherri Hill. The big hair really made her stand out but I did see some ribbage ribs poking out which is normally not a good thing. Minnesota was a surprise to most people but I did have her as an honorable mention.

She had a decent look about her.

Colorado followed and this one was the one that I didn't get that others saw as having potential. I guess she was okay. West Virginia followed looking quite busty but still very teen. I think she and Pennsylvania could pass as sisters. Next up was the absolutely striking beauty, Keyla Childs from South Carolina. I think some people in the audience were jealous of her because I didn't hear as many cheers for her but I absolutely still would have put her as a top 5 finalist. She had a gorgeous face, great abs and I think had the right look texa be a teen miiss.

I'm surprised the judges chose to pass on her. Kansas followed looking really built and in great shape. I was quite pleased with her. Then we had the sensational Kristen Robinson from Georgia. Please do allow me a few sentences to sing Kristen's praises because I adored her. You can tell she has stage experience with her theatre background because she worked that stage like nobody's business 2050 much like Lara Dutta, Miss Universeshe just captures everything around her and makes sure that she is all you see and that you focus entirely on reen.

This misss the kind of delegate that I misa to see. After having watched some YouTube clips of her, I'm convinced that if muss was given the opportunity to talk on stage, she would have taken this competition because she was just dynamic. She was very fit, had the right walk and attitude and I loved her earrings and the high ponytail like Celina Jaitley, Miss India and also sported by Eva Ekvall, Miss Venezuela when she competed for her national title. Maryland was next and she was runner-up to Kamie Crawford last year at the state level so I guess it was only natural that she place.

Her hair was nice and she looked fit. Pennsylvania followed looking totally teen but her frame was a bit smaller. California was another one who knew how to get noticed on stage. Missouri had a niceness to her. Maine's Alexis McIlwain was just a stunning beauty and of course I loved her gorgeous hair and I also really hope to see her on the Miss USA stage one day because she was incredible and I couldn't believe that she is only 15! She was so poised as well and probably would have been my winner in my predictions list if she was at least 17 years old because there likely will never be a Miss Teen USA winner who is 15 years old which is the minimum age for the pageant.

Finally, New Jersey showed us her spunky unique style while still looking hot but I liked how in some pictures she would look like her nose was scrunched a bit like she was laughing and that look just brings a smile to your face. That's my city's hockey team!! And they don't even live here! They talked about how the Miss USA preliminaries were on the same night as the Stanley Cup finals and I remember that night on June 15 well because it was the same night that many of you would have seen in the news that there was an insane riot in my city with people setting cars on fire and several downtown businesses had their windows smashed and were looted.

Vancouver lost the Stanley Cup game to the Boston Bruins during the very last game of the series which was held in Vancouver which was heartbreaking for my city especially since they scored the most points during this hockey season and we were hoping to capture our first Stanley Cup since and there was even a Canadian historical trend in our favor. Montreal hosted the Olympics and won the Stanley Cup the next year Then Calgary hosted the Olympics in and won the Stanley Cup the next year Vancouver hosted the Olympics in but inthe Stanley Cup narrowly escaped us! It must have been jinxed because somebody mentioned it!

As you can tell, this was pretty all-encompassing for my city. Of course, I was comfortably at home focusing entirely on the Miss USA preliminaries but once Boston had scored 3 goals in 2 periods, we knew the Canucks were done. While I was watching the preliminaries, I had no idea that the rioting was going muss until I turned on the TV and almost mixs channel was covering it. But enough about hockey. Chet also pointed out that Alyssa was 1st runner up at Miss Teen USA and she said she most wanted to meet Buddy Velastro of 'Cake Boss' and he showed up at one of her appearances and gave her a cake he made just for her.

She also advised the delegates backstage to watch their choreography and confessed that she tripped on her gown during preliminaries at Miss USA but she recovered nicely and of course we all know what happened eventually. She was all over that stage singing her heart out giving an unforgettable performance. As I was watching the webcast, there were quite a few unkind comments in the chatroom on the side about this performance. Perhaps some were impatient and wanted to get with the competition as the delegates were changing into their gowns.

Texas teen 2005 miss

She talked mjss her year travelling and meeting new people. Of course, the reigning Miss USA lives with Miss Universe but Chet wondered if Misx Mexico would be jealous that they reen to share trade secrets but Ximena said that Karin Ontiveros is also wonderful and concluded by saying that this year's competition for Miss Universe would be tough as always. And now the gownage. I found myself really hooked to the background music actually. It had this nice bouncy bass hook to it. Texas was up first in a nice white gown as we are so used to seeing in Teen. This gown was slightly unique in that it had silvery floral designs on it.

It fit her well like a gown designed by Venezuelan designer Gionni Straccia should.

Bangkok had an extension lower-back in her divorce teej some might have benefited that too Miss but she always made it work. West Scoring followed solid quite busty but still very upper. It was a fun seeking look and she was vivid and a boardroom for the philippines.

Next, North Dakota gave us a double look at her flowy blue gown, with a high-slit and perhaps looked more Miss than Teen particularly due miws her height tedn she was still stunning. There were times when she was just standing during the night that I noticed teexas had her shoulders forward which kind of made her look a mise hunched over so I just think she needed texaa watch her posture at times. Indiana followed in a one-sleeved gown that had a silver beaded bodice and white from the hips down. She had her hair to tedas side and I think she adhered to the 'go big or go home' philosophy and some may have deemed her a bit too much but still she was making the most of her appearance in this competition.

For the Miss America state pageant, see Miss Texas. Texas is the most successful state ever to compete at Miss USA. It has had nine winners, three more than any other state, but only one Miss Universe. Texas may be best known for its five consecutive winners. Before Texas won consecutively from tono state had ever won the Miss USA pageant more than two times in succession. Texas also has the most semifinalists or better - 45, and has received the most special awards - 9. Many of the contestants are winners from local pageants, the most notable of which are held in cities such as Dallas, Houston, and Austin.

Other contestants are "assigned" a title, but unlike local winners, they have to pay an entry fee in order to participate. Oscar winner actress Halle Berry. Mandy Jeffreysa non-finalist in andsemi-finalist in and3rd runner-up in and and 1st runner-up in

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