Breast cancer awareness discussion questions

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Top questions about breast cancer

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For those who must face breast cancer, having a trusted, easy-to-read source awateness answers cnacer be an invaluable way to feel disvussion informed, more in control, aawareness more prepared as they move forward with life and with treatment. For reprint requests, please contact permissionrequest cancer. Optional mammograms beginning at age 40 Annual mammograms for women ages 45 to 54 Mammograms every two years for women 55 and older, unless they choose to stick with yearly screenings MRIs and mammograms for some women at high risk of breast cancer The ACS also recommends that women know the benefits and potential harms associated with breast cancer screening as well as how their breasts normally look and feel and report any changes to their doctor right away.

This second edition also provides information on topics including the latest in genetic counseling, the pros and cons of lumpectomy vs. What type of doctor should I see if I think I have breast cancer? Am I at a higher risk for cancer recurrence cancer coming back? What is breast cancer?

Questions discussion Breast awareness cancer

Other tests that might be used include a chest x-ray, mammograms of both breasts, Breats scans, computed tomography CT scans, magnetic resonance imaging MRI scans, and positron emission tomography PET scans. To decide the stage of your cancer, your doctor will use the results of the physical exam and biopsy, along with results from surgery, if applicable. The following is a list of doctors who may be involved in your care: What will be involved? It provides a thorough overview of how breast cancer is diagnosedstagedand treatedand includes helpful tools for patients, such as a checklist of questions to ask the medical team at each important step of their care.

What can be done to help with these side effects?

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