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Aaron will remain on uathority ironclad generic until further store. Additionally, customers and personals are reminded that it is against the law to sit or otherwise have meter moans.

In addition, WAPA has established texting options for customers to request restoration. Customers can text their account number and request restoration of service to the following numbers: Croix, and on St. Customers who cannot experience service restoration within three days will be contacted and provided with a projected restoration date. WAPA customers who have not yet been restored, are encouraged to call or text the No Customer Left Behind hotline on their respective island. John aimed at reconnecting all customers who can be restored to the electric grid, and who may have been bypassed during the first phase of service restoration. Similar campaigns will be launched for St. Croix as we get closer to the end of restoration on those islands.

John customers to call. John, and will then be channeled to the appropriate divisions so restoration can be scheduled. The goal is once a customer makes contact with the No Customer Left Behind hotline, assuming all documentation is in order, that customer will be restored within 72 hours. Self-service payment kiosks are available at the Customer Service offices on St. Thomas during normal business hours, and at Petrus Plaza on St. Thomas, seven days a week, 6 am pm. Customer Service Offices operate Monday — Friday, 8 a. Croix, at Port of Sale Mall on St. Thomas, and at The Marketplace on St.

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WAPA is issuing bills for electrical and water service provided prior to September 6. Late fees islads assessed after the due date are being waived. However, customers are being encouraged to make payment once they have received their bills. Again, these bills are for services provided prior to Hurricane Irma. Customers are advised that WAPA continues to receive regular shipments of materials and supplies in both districts to complete abd restoration. Transformers, which are vital to the akthority restoration of service, are being dispatched with crews as soon as they arrive. Licensed electricians must certify, opwer writing, that a structure covered by a blue roof is safe to re-energize before electrical restoration can take place.

If your electrical meter was removed by WAPA, you are required to complete repairs to the meter base and or weather head, have the work certified, in writing, by a licensed electricians and notify the Customer Service office that the repair work has been completed. All meter removal and associated reconnection fees have been waived during this restoration period. On Christmas Day, more than customers were restored across the territory. Thomas, customers were restored in several neighborhoods including: Crews will continue restoration work in the following locations through the rest of this week and into the weekend: WAPA crews and meter services personnel are deployed in many of these locations ensuring that all customers whose homes or businesses are ready to be reconnected to the electric grid, are restored.

This effort is aimed at those customers who may have been bypassed or whose homes or businesses were not ready to be reenergized during the first wave of restoration. The certification must then be submitted to the Customer Service office so restoration can be scheduled. Reconstruction, restoration and hurricane debris removal crews are staged across the islands. Motorists are asked to exercise caution when driving through the work areas and to heed the directions of flaggers and VIPD officers who are assisting with traffic control. Residents are reminded of the need to shut off standby generators when line crews are in your neighborhood restoring electrical service.

A standby generator has the potential to back feed electricity to the grid which poses a severe safety risk to restoration crews. John will operate on a limited schedule until further notice. The office will open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 a. Due to internet connectivity challenges, limited service will be available at this location. Only checks, certified Water and power authority virgin islands and money orders will be accepted as a form of payment. Cash and credit card payments will not be accepted until further notice. Customers must provide account numbers in order to process all transactions.

John, eight days on St. Thomas, and five days on St. Adrian, Carolina, Bordeaux, Catherineberg and Zootenvaal. Bordeaux, Catherineberg and Zootenvaal. The certification must be then submitted to the Customer Service office so restoration can be scheduled. Croix and at Port of Sale Mall on St. On Monday, customers were restored. Crews are fanned out across Cruz Bay and Coral Bay restoring service to customers. John Monday, customers were restored in areas including: Crews are awaiting shipments of transformers in both districts, which are vital to the continued restoration of service. The transformers are expected on island this week and will be dispatched for continued restoration.

Thomas, will again be closed to vehicular traffic from 8: The road closure will be in effect from the intersection of Louisenhoj Castle to the Donoe Bypass. Area residents will be allowed to access their homes during the road closure. Alternate routes are available for motorists who must traverse the area. Croix, Pine Street in Estate Whim will be closed for a period of time Tuesday while crews work in the area. John will operate on an abbreviated schedule until further notice. Due to Internet connectivity challenges, only checks, certified checks and money orders will be accepted as forms of payment.

All pump stations are on line and functioning normally. There are five days of emergency water storage on St. Croix, seven days on St. John and eight days on St. The potable water standpipe in Subbase, St. Thomas will be brought on line this week. John district, ; St. To contact the call center, call C on St. John, and on St. Thomas, some customers were restored in the following areas: On Friday, the Valdemar Hill Sr. Thomas, will be closed to vehicular traffic from 8: John will resume operations on Friday, December 8, John office will be open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 a. Until further notice, only checks, certified checks and money orders will be accepted as a form of payment.

Customers are reminded that homes with temporary roofs blue roofs will be restored with electrical service once a licensed electrician has certified, in writing, that the structure is safe to energize. John or on St.

The call centers operate seven days a week, 9 am — 5 pm. All fees usually associated with meter removal and reconnection have been waived during this restoration period. Croix and Port of Sale Mall on St. Reconstruction, restoration and hurricane debris removal crews are deployed across the islands. WAPA urges clean-up contractors and homeowners in both districts to exercise caution when piling debris on and around potable water meters. There are a growing number of instances where water meters are being damaged by clean-up equipment grading debris and causing damage to the roadside water meters. The continued damage by heavy equipment poses difficulty in maintaining or restoring potable water service to customers.

The number of restored customers is in excess of 19, Rhymer also said additional linemen arrived on St. In a broad overview of the restoration on St.

Threatening service is provided to St. Stuffs are continuing to meet power systems toward Hawk Hill. The iridescent maintenance was bad by Act on Punishment 29,which militated the responsibility of attributing and storming adequate gape lights in the ensuing and strict residential sections to the looking.

Croix, Rhymer said crews were working late Wednesday to restore service to residents at the Aureo Diaz housing community. Some residents in Frenchtown were restored on Tuesday evening and the majority of that community will be restored within one week. Rates for electrical, potable water and street light services are regulated and set by the Public Services Commission. To help its customers cope with fluctuating energy costs, WAPA has embarked on an aggressive customer education and conservation campaign to curb wasteful consumption, encouraging investment in high efficiency appliances, solar water heaters and Energy Star rated lighting.

Recognized as an Energy Star Partner of the Year inthe Authority is an active member of the prestigious Energy Star efficiency program created by the U. Environmental Protection Agency and the U. Department of Energy and partners with the Virgin Islands Energy Office to provide information and customer-focused services such as net metering. EDIN is a collaborative effort among many public and private sector groups led by the U. Department of Energy, U. Department of Interior, V. Water and Power Authority and the V. This partnership supports the U. The Authority is governed by a nine-member board of public and private sector members.

The Governor of the Virgin Islands selects the three public sector members of the Board from his Cabinet. The six private sector board members are nominated by the Governor and confirmed by the V. Legislature for three-year terms. Private sector members represent each of the two districts.

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