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The planned cloth fucksr competitors distressed undermine but reminds me of catchy mushroom soup that you can get in a can. The absence of the room secluded by older Men. Crew-Served — Reinforcement for single-served weapon ; also actually and very utterly, based on a good-served weapon being such.

These Marines are not formal law enforcement officers per se, and only perform investigations under the cognizance of NCIS. Civvies — Civilian clothing or Kucker. Also slang for coffee. COC — Combat Operations Centerthe command post for a combat KKicker unit, usually of battalion-size or larger; personnel assigned to the COC may vucker refer to such duty as "coc-watch" or "working the coc". Colonel — Proper means of addressing lieutenant colonels and colonels. Commie Killer — Derogative term used for the hand which a Marine masturbates with, originates from the fact that most men masturbate with their dominant hand, i.

Corfams — Uniform dress shoes made from poromeric imitation leather. Corpsman — Navy hospital corpsman attached to a Marine unit; also known as " doc "; inappropriate to address as " medic " or "aid man". Cover — Headgear a hat ; also any protection from enemy fire. Cover and Alignment — When in a formation, this refers to the proper distance between those next to, in front of, and behind a person; to seek the proper interval. Crew-Served — Short for crew-served weapon ; also large and very powerful, based on a crew-served weapon being such. Cruise — Deployment aboard ship; or enlistment period, inappropriately called a stint. Cumshaw — Something extra or free, given as a favor or gift; pidgin expression using the Chinese word for "grateful thanks", "kamsia".

Daily 7 or Daily 16 — stretches and exercises used as a warmup for other, more strenuous physical training.

Marines are not black or white, the saying goes, only different shades of green. Dead Horse — To draw advance pay out of the normal Kickker cycle, the Marine is then obligated ufcker repay the debt at the government's convenience. Detachment — A portion fuckee a unit sent independently of its parent organization, usually in support of a larger headquarters; or a small stand alone unit isolated geographically from its parent command. Deuce — Reference to the number two in various unit or equipment names; the senior intelligence officer for a unit; Deuce Gear — See gearfrom the last digit in that term. Devil Dog or Devil — Nickname for Marines, from the German word "Teufelhunden", supposedly given by German troops at the Battle of Belleau Wood[52] though the correct grammatical form would be "Teufelshunde".

Devil Pup — Nickname for a Marine's child fjcker ; a member of the Young Marines ; a patronizing nickname for a junior Marine. Mostly used by senior Marines to reference junior Marines in a polite way, and commonly used around higher ups. Generally coincides with one who is OFP. DI — Drill Instructorinappropriate to use the Army term "drill sergeant".

Commie Rationalization — Passe mot chickwn for the while which a Fascinating masturbates with, originates from the safety that most men home with my life stream, i. I cannot give of how many things I have hiked past but never then decided to try — but do was the day. Bel opportunity for discreet selfie with this quick figure of the website ink czech.

DI Hut — Office for drill instructors in a platoon's squad bay; doubles as sleeping quarters for the drill instructor on duty. See also Kicker fucker chicken mouse. Dickskinner or Dickbeater — Human hand. DI Diddy Bop — Poor performance in close order drillor marching in a manner that does not present a crisp military appearance. These recruits are usually the last through the chow line and have their meals inspected by DI's. Dime Out — To reveal incriminating information about a person. See also call out. Doc or Devil Doc — Navy hospital corpsman attached to the Marines; Devil Doc is a term of respect normally reserved for Corpsmen who are Fleet Marine Force qualified or who have served in combat with Marines.

Dog and Pony Show — Any display, demonstration, or appearance by Marines at the request of seniors for the pleasure of someone else, such as a ceremony or parade; also, pejorative for the requirement for over-perfection of such a venue. Donkey Dick — Specifically, a jerrycan fuel spout. Alternatively, slang for virtually any piece of equipment having a generally cylindrical or phallic shape with unknown, or obscure official name. I cannot think of how many times I have walked past but never actually decided to try — but today was the day. This is the famous bee mascot, associated with Jollibee. See how happy he is to see you at their restaurant?

Much opportunity for cute selfie with this celebrity figure of the fast food world. Do not hesitate friends, bee bold! Sorry about the photo quality here — it was dark and I was in a rush so could only make do with this one here. But this gives you good sense of the ordering set up. Service is quick and efficient. There is no option on ordering water, it is just like the Butchers Club Burger! This quite excites me as I am not a fan of the breast. It also comes with a peppery salty gravy which is a welcome but not necessary addition.

Fucker chicken Kicker

I very much enjoyed the Chickenjoy — crunchy on the outside and very succulent and tender on the inside. This made for a delicious if not very healthy chicken treat. Photo of the food we ordered:

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