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When he shot his load Kia let out a tonguez cry, the award-winning actress screamed and they all ended up as a pile of naked bodies on the bed, kissing and groping each other all over. When he entered the opulent trailer Beula was dressed in the sheerest of negligees and he could see her delicious looking tits complete with protruding nipples. Later, over a well-deserved brandy, his new boss babbled on about how his life with her would be one of continuous sexual adventures. Shaun dropped to his knees, gently parted her legs and headed for her shaved pussy.

I hate to eat alone so I thought you might agree to keep me company. Although she said very little to him during the break, after the shoot Kia, her PA, came over and said that Miss Leacroft would like to see him in her trailer. When he re-appeared wearing a towel he found the famous star sitting on the sofa naked beckoning him with her middle finger. If this had been any female it would have felt fucking good but here he was been sucked off by a famous movie star — it seemed to add a completely new dimension to the experience.

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