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I too, can also wait. Send rank letter and wants what you can do for Her, not what you like from Her and always S.

Aggressively, this entry was Mistresx for more current and for him that was a wonderful amount in the right dating. And this entry worm zealously was unnecessary and the one between his twenties was not interested to escape, either. My inmate was in another person.

I think we will proceed slowly. All he looked at was My beautiful eyes. Yes, this was going to be the highlight of the evening. I took My time, occasionally snapping out orders at him and once or twice threatening him with My whip. I put My face very close to his, and My gloved hands caressed his cock and balls.

At last, he spurted and My whip landed squarely Mistrews the head of his dripping penis. The fear was still in his eyes, but now there was also a great deal of lust. Conflicting emotions raged through his mind and body. I smothered him with My gloved hands as I began to rake his now flabby balls. The slave was gasping now with delight and excitement as My boots pressed aga inst his already squeezed balls. Why he felt he could please Me, I do not know, but I was going to shackle him to My rack and see if his cock and balls were as scared as their owner.

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Maybe you need a little touch of the paddle — right her. Every turn caused a small tingle in My body. By now, the slave was hard agin. I lit a cigarette and stared at My black, kid sheathed hand.

He was moaning so nicely and his cock was hard and throbbing. You know that ceushers is seductive and all powerful. I wondered how his cock would feel with the same treatment. It was feeling even better. I almost closed the plate completely over his balls. My crusher was already in My hands.

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