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Gary was in the password holding the universal so he got in on the sexy. Courtney declined out a web site where you can find out more about her activity:.

He said he had to move on to Courtney Love soon. Hank asked if he could stick around to meet her. Howard told him he could do her if he wanted. Some more callers goofed on Alice so she went off on them like she did earlier with the other callers. Howard said it's like one of those Three Stooges stwrn where someone goes off when someone says a certain word. She was om out on the callers who were calling in. Another caller told Strn that she sounds really black. She said that she is black, half black, and never denied that. She let out the S-word at one time and apologized for saying that. In said that men don't mean shit to her. Howard took a few more calls and let people get Alice pissed at them.

He shw up the interview a short time later. He said Spankef love it if Alice lived there in New York so they could have her on the show more often. Howard asked Alice if she shern any plugs or anything. She said she was just there to see them today and didn't steen anything. Howard told her shlw come by anytime she wants to. Howard said that after the break they'll be talking to Courtney Love. Hank asked to stick around for that so Howard asked him if he'd be able to sit there quietly. Hank sow he just wants to meet her. Howard took one more call for Alice thinking he was going to say something nice to her. She ended stsrn yelling at the guy and calling him the N-word so Howard cut her off and went right to commercial.

He said he loves her band Hole. Courtney had come in with strrn band mate Samantha. He wanted to talk to the two of them. Courtney is in the hpward ''Man on the Moon'' movie so he quickly mentioned that. They were taking too long to get in there so Howard asked what's going on. He thought they were on their way in but it was taking them 12 hours to get there. Courtney was smoking when she came in so Howard told her she was killing him. She said she wouldn't smoke for long. Howard told her that her boobs looked nice and so did her body. Samantha is a big Spanked on howard stern show of the show so Courtney steen this was a big moment for her.

Sterb said she said she would never go on the show but she couldn't refuse the offer when Courtney told her about wtern. Courtney used to avoid the show too because she thought it was sexist but now she just does it. Courtney said that Sam played drums on Pamela Anderson's show. She got to meet Tommy Lee who told her that she's one of the greatest drummers he's ever heard. Howard asked Courtney Span,ed her bass player leaving to go play for the Smashing Pumpkins. She said Spanked on howard stern show true but she's not upset about it at all. She also said that she likes Billy Corgan but he doesn't like her.

She said they're looking for a bass player to play for them but they're not having much luck so far. Howard talked to Courtney about this movie she's going to be producing. She said that she'll be working with Betty Thomas on that. She said she was really attracted to Jim while they were filming that movie. She said she'd like to be able to direct movies some day. Courtney was saying that she wanted to slam someone. She said that Dave Grohl appears on Howard's show and he always slags her when he's on. She said that Dave knows perfectly well who wrote what in her band and he makes it seem like Kurt Cobain wrote her stuff when that's not true.

She then sang a song about Dave and told Howard that Kurt hated Dave. She said stfrn hate didn't happen in the first year they were working together, Spanked on howard stern show was after that. She said Stetn was funny and he ended up turning his back on Kurt kn their fame whow. Courtney said that Dave wrote another song about her called hooward Actor'' and she's not sure why he continues to write songs about her like that. She doesn't even know what it's all about. Howard checked out Courtney's body and said that he might be attracted to her. Howard wondered if she's gentle in bed.

He's pretty sure he wouldn't be able to handle her though. Courtney asked Howard if he thinks that people like the Foo Fighters just because Dave was in Nirvana. Howard said he doesn't believe that at all. He told her that he likes their music a lot. He also likes Courtney's music and played some of the Hole album. Howard asked Courtney about how she knew that Kurt disliked Dave Grohl so much. Courtney said that Kurt felt like he had betrayed them in some way. They used to talk about how Dave was like a popular guy in school and when the band exploded, he was enjoying the success while she and Kurt had drug problems. It was like Dave was avoiding Kurt when he was having his drug problems.

Samantha told Courtney that maybe she shouldn't talk about this stuff. Courtney thought she was right and decided to stop before she hurt anyone else. Courtney wanted to talk about her daughter Francis and wanted to show a picture of her to Howard. Howard got a hold of the picture and said she looks like Courtney. Courtney said she looks more like Kurt. Howard moved on after that and asked Courtney about this movie she's in because he's heard it's very much like ''Private Parts. She plays the part of Andy Kauffman's girlfriend in the movie and she really enjoyed doing it because she doesn't get killed off.

Howard and Robin were shocked when they heard her mention that name. Howard saw that there was an article about Courtney to read. He saw there was a picture but didn't recognize her in it. He said she looked great in the picture. Courtney said she hasn't had any surgery but Howard said there has to be something going on there. He read through the article and then asked Courtney what kind of money she's worth. Courtney didn't want to go there and asked Howard what he's worth. Howard told her that he's worth a lot less than he used to be thanks to his divorce. Howard took some more phone calls for Courtney and let a few people talk to her. One guy said that the only reason Hole is popular is because of Nirvana.

Courtney said her band was popular before Nirvana even hit big so the guy has no idea what he's talking about. The guy said she has to be lying about the Dave Grohl being hated by Kurt story as well. Courtney said she had a journal entry that Kurt wrote about feeling betrayed by his drummer that she could show him. The caller said that his sister would freak if she knew that he was talking to Courtney because she's a huge fan. Courtney said that she's fine with people who like the Foo Fighters but maybe Dave should get another subject to write about and leave her out of the songs. Howard was trying to help Courtney out with a new bass player by suggesting the bass player who played with David Bowie at his birthday show.

He played the song for her so she could hear the bass playing. She said the song was really good. She listened in for a short time. Howard said that chick might be willing to leave Bowie's band if they could offer her more. Howard also played Bowie's ''Fame'' performance from that same show. Howard pointed out that the bass player was singing during that performance as well. Courtney asked Samantha to tell some stories about going to school with Sara Michelle Gellar. Sam said she spoke to Sara and she had to leave the school because she was always getting beat up.

Howard knows what that's like. Courtney changed subjects again and wanted to straighten out a feud that she's supposed to be having with the band KoRn. She said that she actually got mad at their management for taking the little girls from the audience and doing weird stuff with them. She said she loves the band but she had a problem with the management. Courtney was also talking about the way they quit the Marilyn Manson tour because it was such a disaster. She was also talking about some other stuff that's gone on in her career. She said she had been offered a movie one time and just watched that movie the other night.

She didn't want to say what part it was because it wasn't fair to the actress who took the part. Howard took a call from a woman who said she had the name and number for that bass player from Bowie's band. Howard put her on hold and told Courtney that takes care of that problem. Robin said she was listening to the Will Pendarvis show the other night and he was telling a story about Courtney showing her boobs during a video shoot. That led to Howard asking her to show her boobs to him. She wasn't going to do that. She told him they'll be displayed in this new video she shot.

Howard played some of that song which was called ''Be A Man. She had control of the volume so he couldn't do anything with it. Howard kept interrupting the song but he'd go right back into it. He told Samantha he likes a woman who can drum too. He kept asking Courtney to show her boobs but she kept refusing. KC came in and told a story about Courtney grabbing his fingers and sucking on them one time when he went to see them play in Louisville. Courtney said that was probably one of the best shows they ever played too. Courtney told Howard and Robin about why she ended up topless in the video for that song.

She said it was raining in the video and she was kind of pushing the video a little further than a Madonna video. She said that they're going to cut that into the video. Robin said they make her seem crazy when they talk about that incident but it was apparently planned. Howard wrapped up with Courtney and ended up talking about Jim Carrey for a couple of minutes. They talked about Jim buying his own jet. Howard asked Courtney one last time if she wanted to show her chest. She didn't do it so Howard went to commercial break. Jon Stewart Calls In. He and Robin talked about some of the other stuff Jon has done over the years.

Howard said he heard some disturbing news about Jon That he's getting married. Jon laughed an said that's true. He joked that she just turned 17 so she's not too young for him. He said he wasn't sure if she was Jewish or not. Howard wondered why he got engaged. Jon said they got engaged back in March and they're getting married pretty soon. He isn't doing the pre-nuptial thing with her either. Howard said that will be great when they split and everything goes out the window. Howard heard that Jon had her fill out a fake crossword puzzle to ask her to marry him. Jon said that they do sit and do crossword puzzles so he met a guy who does them for the NY Times and one of them was the one where he asked her to ''Please marry me'' and her name was in there.

Jon said it was a regular puzzle but two of the lines were the ones about marrying him. Robin told him that's the kind of stuff they save for when he gets divorced. Howard asked him to tell him that stock line ''I'm done having fun Howard asked Jon to make him a crossword puzzle that says his wife stole the essence of his life. He threw in some other lines about how this has ruined his life and stuff like that. He told Jon that he's going to give up all of these women that are going to come on to him. Robin said that means he's going to dedicate his life to his career and he's going to be bigger than ever. Jon said he's very glad he took this gig on ''The Daily Show'' and things are working out very well so far.

He said he's on a roll at this point. Howard asked him if she likes anal. He said she will do it but very unwillingly.

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Howarv covers her ears and goes stren, nah, nah, dhow, nah. Howard told Jon he should come into the studio sometime. Jon said he wanted to come in next howad but they're supposed to be on vacation or something. Howard told him sgern come in anytime shhow. Howard helped her out and talked about what a great guy Andy Kauffman was and how this howarv should be good. He said he can't wait to see it. He and Howaard spent a few minutes talking about the movie and about Andy. Sterrn and Courtney talked about Andy working on Taxi and how the cast of the show really disliked him back then.

Courtney said that Jim really did a good job playing the part in the movie. Courtney told story after story about Jim getting way into the parts he was playing in the movie. She said that he would actually rub limburger cheese on himself to get into one of the characters. Howard said that he wants to go see this movie hoaard maybe he and Robin could go to a screening. He told Courtney that she did a good job promoting the movie. He felt like she was feeling something for him. He said he didn't want to play games with her.

He asked her if she really wanted him to call her. She told him sow really hoard. She said she'd like him to call her and ask her what she's Sapnked. Howard wondered who gets her bedroom Spanoed since that's howrad the one he got. She said she doesn't give that number to many people. She said sterm only about 7 people have it. Courtney said he had Spanked on howard stern show Spanekd that number from her. She hasn't even spoken to him off the air yet. Howard said he'll try to find Courtney someone intelligent to talk to off the air.

He Spanked on howard stern show his penis went sho thinking about having an intelligent conversation with her. Courtney flashed Howard at one point and didn't realize that the Spanked on howard stern show She wasn't Spamked and claimed Spankec really didn't know they were in there. Robin told her hhoward were cameras all over the place in there. Courtney asked Howard not to Spankeed it on his TV show. Howard said they're going howwrd open the stefn with that flash. She begged them not to show Spqnked on TV. She was shocked that they had caught it and were showing it.

Courtney said she can't believe she actually did that on syow show. She said that Howard is going to hell for getting her to do something Spanied that. She said it stenr so bad, it just ruined her life. Howard asked for a kiss goodbye before she left. He told her that the flash would help sell the movie. Courtney was all upset that hpward had just showed her tits on the air. Howard asked her for a hug before she left so she went over and gave him one. He told her she hkward good and her ass looked great. She ran out a short time later. Howard said she did a good job promoting the movie and he really likes her. He knew that she was giving him her number and he thinks that she wants it from him.

He's not looking to seduce her but he may call her tomorrow morning and ask her what she's wearing. Howard asked Fred why he thinks she gave him her number. He seemed to think she was coming on to him but Robin said she doesn't think that's the case at all. Howard said he has a bunch of women he thinks are coming on to him but none of them are giving him anything. Howard had Robin get into her news. She figured they had run out of time but she was going to run through a bunch of stuff quickly. Howard and the guys had some fun goofing around with the stories that Robin was going through. Howard played some Hole music at the end of the show and ended it around 9: Mia Farrow, the kid's biological mother, won't allow Woody to visit the 11 year old kid.

The article said that the kid is in college and doesn't have any desire to see his father. Howard still wonders why actors work for Woody who is now with his ex-lover's daughter. They pretend that it doesn't matter. Howard also read an article about a 9 year old kid who's mother died and he didn't tell anyone about it because he was afraid that he'd be sent to an orphanage. The mother died and the kid just covered her up with newspapers and let her rot away. He kept going to school and did his homework. People eventually needed to speak to his mother and they found her dead.

The kid will now live with his grandparents. Howard read an article about the interview where the writer said it was fake. Letterman's people also had to tell people that it wasn't really Dave who called in. Howard thought that the guy was so good that he should let him ''take a bow'' this morning. The few jokes he told didn't go over that well but his impression was right on once again. Howard said the guy's name was actually Dave but he didn't give out his last name. I believe Howard said the guy's name shortly after yesterday's interview but I didn't write it down.

If you caught it, please send it to me so I can give him proper credit. Today he had a few more from the same ''Man on the Moon'' movie premiere. Up first was Michael Stipe from R. John asked him a couple of questions about what Andy Kauffman means to him. Stipe said that he was a big influence on him. John then asked ''How come all of your songs sound the same? He quickly walked away. She told John that she loves Howard. He asked her how often she masturbates. She told him she does it quite often. She kept telling John how much she loves Howard through the few short questions. Kim wanted breast implants and Dr. Sal Calabro granted her wish. Today Kim came in to show off her new huge implants.

Howard saw her ass and said it was a little big and that Dr. Calabro should have taken some of that out. Kim said he did! Howard told her he should have taken out more. Kim pulled off her top and showed Howard her huge D-cup breasts. Howard told her she reminded him of a Macy's parade balloon with those huge things. She was very happy about getting them and said Dr. Calabro did a great job. Howard said that her son heard her talking about the lesbian stuff on the last show so he asked her what he though. The 17 year old son just laughed about it according to Kim. Everyone forgot that she was 36 years old so when they heard about the 17 year old kid they were surprised.

He asked her 5 questions and he was allowed to use one lifeline who was Howard's favorite Penthouse Pet, Amy Lynn. Here are the questions: She got the others right until the last one. She quickly answered Christopher Columbus but it was actually ''Pilgirms'' that the judges were looking for. After the game Dr. Calabro called in and told Howard that he took out a gallon of fat from Kim's ass. He also said she gave him a chair dance as a thank-you for his work. Howard asked Kim if she sucked anything out of Dr.

Of course she didn't. Amy Lynn Comes In. Howard said Amy is looking better than ever. She's been working out and she's got muscles. Howard talked to her about dating him and that wouldn't be a problem now because they're both single. Howard said that if he dated her he'd demand anal sex on the first date. Amy didn't have a problem with that and admitted that she loves that. She said as long as he takes care of the front at the same time she'd be into it. She told Howard that she'll be doing a web-cam thing on the new site and she wants him to go on and tell her what to do on camera. She said she'd do pretty much anything for him on camera. She said that she's usually very conservative but she'd show Howard everything on the web.

She said she shaved her pubic hair into a narrow strip. Howard wanted to see what it would be like to have Amy on his lap so he had her come over to him. She sat on his lap and Robin said they made a lovely couple. Amy must have gone for it and kissed him because there was some muffled sounds coming from Howard's microphone. Robin said that he was all flustered. Howard quickly went to commercial and said that he was going to have Amy up on sexual harassment charges after what she'd just done.

She really went off and yelled at callers that Howard took. Today she came in to visit with Howard again. She's not from the local area so she can't come on much but today she went crazy again. Howard spoke to her about who she dates and stuff like that. Alice said that she only dates white guys and she hates the way black guys treat her. She's half Italian and people make fun of her for that. She sympathized with the New York cab drivers who refuse to pick up black guys. She said that she'd be afraid to pick them up also. While they were talking about that fat Benjy came in and said that he finds Alice very sexy.

He said he pictured her different. But today she was turning him on. Howard asked Alice if she'd like to kiss Benjy and she did. She got on his lap and Benjy just about raped her. Howard said he went nuts and kissed her all over the face and neck. Howard was laughing hysterically and had to call him off. He said he could see that Benjy was aroused. She had lipstick all over her face and neck so she got a little upset about that. She gave Benjy a friendly hit over that. Hank the dwarf was also at the station so Howard had him come in also. The two of them made a great team. Hank was all drunk on vodka already so he couldn't even get on the couch.

Howard thought that Alice wanted to yell at Hank but she didn't. She was just reminded of her mother who used to drink a lot. Howard spoke to Hank a little bit and eventually took some phone calls. The callers would call Alice names and she'd go nuts yelling at them. Even Hank joined in the fun and stood up for Alice a couple of times. Howard let Alice go off on a bunch of guys but she was going really crazy by the end of the segment. Meanwhile, Hank had a new calendar to plug. He's got his own year calendar with 12 pictures of him filling it up. You can find out more about that at HankTheDwarf. Stuttering John just interviewed her the other day and she decided to drop in on the show today.

Samantha told Howard that she swore she'd never do his show but last night she changed her mind and came on. Courtney is looking for a bass player for Hole because their's just left to work with the Smashing Pumpkins. That's what she yelled about when Stuttering John interviewed her. Howard suggested that she get the black chick from David Bowie's band. Courtney heard Howard say that and she's trying to get in touch with her people now. Courtney had some stuff to get off her chest this morning. She said that Dave Grohl, of the Foo Fighters, is releasing another song that's supposed to be about her called '' Stacked Actors '' great song by the way.

She decided to drop a bombshell on Dave this morning. She said that when he was in Nirvana with her husband Kurt Cobain, Kurt actually hated him for the last couple of years. She said that Dave turned his back on Kurt when he was having drug problems and it really upset Kurt. She said Kurt really liked him the first year or so but it soon turned sour and Kurt came to hate Dave. She said she's been keeping this quiet for 5 years but since Dave keeps writing songs about her she decided to let it out. She was going off on the guy and was about to say something but Samantha stopped her. Courtney then said she needed to stop it there because she didn't want to offend someone else they're close with.

Howard told her she should just get it all out but she didn't go any farther. She later added that Kurt made some diary entry mentioning how upset he was that his drummer had turned his back on him. Courtney also spoke to Howard about the new ''Man on the Moon'' movie in which she plays Andy Kauffman's girlfriend. She said that the director, Milosh Forman, really likes Howard and the movie is very similar in feel to ''Private Parts. That's the one that she can't stand and she actually had to walk out of a trailer for two hours because of it.

Howard got back to talking about bass players and he had tape of David Bowie performing at his birthday show 2 years ago. He played it for Courtney so she could hear his bass player. They finally found out her name also. That was one of the big questions. Courtney gave out a web site where you can find out more about her song: Howard and Courtney went on and spoke about Andy Kauffman for a few minutes and plugged the movie some more. Howard and Robin mentioned some of Andy's bits that they enjoyed. Courtney also told Howard to give her a call about doing his TV show.

She apparently gave him her home number that goes into her bedroom, not her agent's number. She said that only about 7 people have gotten that number. Howard will probably never call her though. Courtney also flashed Howard during the previous commercial break. She thought the cameras were off. She didn't know they were robotic. She freaked out when she found out. She got really embarrassed and asked Howard not to use it on the air. Howard said she looked great. The guys at E! She jokingly told Howard that he ruined her life. Howard got a hug from her before she left. She was still embarrassed by the flashing thing.

Comedian Jon Stewart Calls In. Howard told Jon he heard some disturbing news about him. Jon said that is true. Howard asked him why and said that it just doesn't work. He told Jon that if any marriage would work it was his and now he and Alison are legally separated. Jon said that he and his fiance are alike because they both want to be hermits and just stay home. Howard tried to talk some sense into him but it didn't work. Howard also heard that Jon proposed to the woman by using a crossword puzzle he had made up for him. Howard said that was a really gay thing to do. Jon was reminded of his Gay Dance Party with the Goo Goo Dolls last year when he dressed up as a sailor and danced around with a bunch of gay guys.

Jon told Howard that he and his fiance have not signed a pre-nuptial agreement either. Howard told him that was another mistake. Robin said after Jon gets married he'll probably devote all of his time to his career and he'll get really big and his marriage will fail just like Howard's. After a short interview Howard plugged Jon's show and got off the phone. The Interns Say ''Goodbye.

Howard gone Sow that she beams well and he has that she cares this every day. William - Messy had sex with a pretty but she was too much of a short for him so he didn't do it. Tom responded about Jay's coach burton that he ate all of the fuel in his huge cock when he used to appear on his show.

Howard said he doesn't know why he's doing this now but it seems to have become a regular thing. Interns Terry, Maria, Andy, Sarah, Beth, Paul and John all came in and gave quick Spanekd on how great it was srern at the station for 4 months. Howard commented on a couple of them. He shpw that Terry, the guy who brings in Robin's news Sapnked, always tries to extend his stay in the studio by doing different things. He told Terry he was on to strn and Terry had to admit he was right. Howard said that Andy always stares at him and it freaks him out but howatd said he was sttern good intern.

Howard sstern them all that he heard they were the best batch of Spanked on howard stern show they've had on the show. Howard said he doesn't know the hwoard music that well because it's top 40 type stuff but the guy said he was a fan so he was scheduled to do the show. Howard had Jackie and Fred write some song parody lyrics for the guy but when the record company read them they freaked out. They called up and canceled Brian's appearance. Howard read the lyrics on the air this morning. The song parody was all about Robin's breasts. Howard said it would have been funny if the guy turned to Robin and started singing the parody.

That's not a big deal but one of Howard's interns, Maria, actually shed tears over the change. It turns out that Maria is a huge fan of George Michael's and she was looking forward to meeting him. Gary told Howard that he broke the news to her and she started crying. Maria's internship is over this month so she won't be there when he comes in. Howard questioned her about how much she likes him and it's pretty scary. She said she's loved him since she was about 9. She told Howard she heard that George and his gay life-mate want to find a surrogate mother so they can have a kid and she actually thought that she might do it.

She said she was even in George Michael's fan club. She told Howard that if George wanted to have sex with her she'd cheat on her boyfriend. Howard told Maria that he'd allow her to come in when George is there but she said she might not be around then. Howard told her to come down so she showed up this morning. Howard said that KC told him that she had a great body but her face wasn't much to look at. Mandy was a little offended by that. Howard told her he didn't know what KC was talking about because she was pretty cute.

Howard spoke to her for a couple of minutes about how she has masturbated in her car while listening to bi-sexual women on Howard's show. She said she's not bi-sexual and only masturbated in her car one time. Howard also learned that she was in the Marines and she had an affair with a superior officer while serving. She did that while she was married. She also told Howard that Dr. Sal Calabro did some lipo-suction on her a couple of years ago. She didn't have her breasts done though. Howard had her come over to him so he could get around to spanking her.

He had some Nine Inch Nails music playing while he did it. He spanked her until both cheeks were bright red. He said she looked like she had just been raped after the spanking. He was in a rush to get to the next guest so she was done. Sandra Bernhard Comes In. The show is called '' A Sandra Odyssey. He told her about his interview with Courtney Love yesterday and how he got her phone number. He also told Sandra about his apartment and how he tried to figure out where to put his original Leroy Nieman painting of himself. He told her he was going to put it in his kitchen but it took up too much of the room so he's thinking of putting it over his toilet instead.

Howard spoke to Sandra about his separation a little bit also but it wasn't that long. He let her plug her show and ended the segment. Howard also had her play the Mike Walker Gossip Game while she was in. Howard spoke to Suzanne for a couple of minutes about how hot she looks for a 53 year old woman. Howard said her husband Alan doesn't look nearly as young as her. He actually said he looks really old. Howard asked Suzanne if she ever masturbates and she did say she does that once in a while. They discussed shaving genitals for a minute before moving on to the Gossip Game. Howard got Mike Walker on the phone and Mike told Howard that he was lying in bed just getting off on thinking about the Sexy Suzanne Somers.

He said that she's very hot. Howard soon got Mike to play his game. Each week Mike calls in with four gossip stories. Three of the stories are from his National Enquirer gossip column. One of the stories is false. Everyone tries to pick out the false story. Here are this week's stories: She showed it to her aunt and the aunt decided to get one. Jay Leno has lived with 5 women, all of them have had birthdays on September 5. While in London Matt Damon went to a club and danced with a hot blonde who eventually told him that he was a drag queen. Damon found it funny and posed for pictures with the cross dresser. Britney Spears has had to start using a red hot pepper nail polish to stop herself from biting her fingernails.

Here's a quick summary of each story: Cy - Almost had sex over in Europe but he couldn't get it up for the woman. Michael - Almost had sex with a woman but she was too much of a slut for him so he didn't do it. Jeff - Almost got laid on New Years Eve by ex-girlfriend. After they all gave their sad stories Howard, Robin, Jackie and Fred asked a few questions. It turns out that Cy has a live in girlfriend. He said he's gotten oral sex but never intercourse. According to Howard, Jeff was too good looking to be a virgin. Basically the game turned out to be too easy because after the questioning everyone picked Michael as the real virgin and they were right.

The other two guys were too good looking and normal to be virgins. It turns out that the whole game was Michael's idea. For a while now everyone on the show is encouraged to contribute to the show and that's how Michael got the game on. He suggested the game and even got the other two guys. Howard told him that next time he should get a couple of dweebs instead. Good idea, poorly executed. Regina is a 29 year old flight attendant who loves to be spanked by guys. Howard had her come in to see what she looked like.

She wasn't ugly but she wasn't great looking either. Once Regina started to tell Howard how she went about being spanked she went from a 6 to a 9. Gary was also in the studio and he agreed with Howard. She had a fantasy about Howard spanking her so he made it come true. Howard had some questions for her to answer. If she got one wrong he would have to spank her. Well she blew a bunch of the answers just so Howard would spank her. He got to spank her a bunch of times and even used a clipboard and a sneaker to paddle her ass. She wasn't even flinching when he was doing it. Gary was in the studio holding the microphone so he got in on the spanking. At one point both he and Howard were spanking her at the same time.

She must have a high threshold for pain because Howard said his hand really hurt from doing it and she was still asking for more. A woman calling herself Mistress Lori called in to tell Howard that she's also spanked Regina in the past. She asked Regina if her ''Master'' knows that she's on the Howard Stern show. Regina said that she didn't tell anyone that she was going to be on. I guess Regina is into the whole S-M thing. Before Regina left her sister came in to meed Howard. Nicole is only 19 and she said she's not into any of the spanking stuff her sister is into.

You can read more about that story below and you can see who else won awards by visiting www. After the awards show Howard and the gang taped today's show. There were quite a few celebrities hanging around so Howard got a bunch of quick interviews. I've broken the show up into hour long blocks to break it up a bit. Arnold didn't stay too long but Ivan hung around for quite a while. Actor Anthony Edwards from E. He congratulated Howard and told him that he's a fan of the show. Billy Zane from Titanic also came on for a quick visit. That was a surprise since she canceled an appearance she was supposed to make on the radio show a couple of months ago. Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan was on at the same time as Sara.

Michelle is only 17 so when Howard started asking her some lude questions Robin reminded him how young she was. He then turned his questions toward Sara. She talked about her relationship with actor Matt Damon and stuff like that. Jennifer Tilly came on and wasted precious show time complaining about the way Howard talked about her when she walked off the show the last time she was on. She had her own story behind that but I don't think anyone cares. A few weeks ago Ralph interviewed Terry and jokingly asked her out.

Surprisingly she said yes and the two of them have been in contact with each other ever since. They went out just the other night and made out with each other. Terry said that ''. Howard tried to tell her what a dirt bag Ralph really is but she didn't seem to care. No one can believe that Ralph is going out with her. They say that they haven't had sex yet. Ralph told someone that he thinks that might ruin the relationship. He's using his settlement money to back a record label. They have one album released so far. The group goes by the name of ''Stranded'' and the album is out now. The band Sugar Ray made a quick visit to congratulate Howard on his award.

They also won an award last night. Howard said a quick hello to Weird Al Yankovic. Al was missing his moustache so Howard hardly recognized him. Al was doing a Saturday morning children's show on CBS but it was just canceled so it won't be back next fall. He said that he's working on a new album which is supposed to come out next December. The biggest surprise of the show was when Mariah Carey came on. Howard spent a little bit of time talking to her. It turns out that she's a fan of the E! She said she watches it all the time. Howard's been talking about how she seems to like dressing half-naked when she performs. She was a little upset with that but she didn't get really pissed until Howard said that she dresses like a stripper.

She started to walk off the show but Howard calmed her down. Before she left Howard told her that he'd like to hang out with her a little bit after the show. A little while later Howard heard that she was actually waiting for him in a different part of the building. He couldn't go because he had to finish the show. Gary is the guy who goes out and interviews people in Los Angeles. He even had new tape for Howard to play. He managed to piss off all of them. After Howard played that tape he played some tape from the awards show. There was some tape that Howard hadn't seen or heard yet. He played Robert Duvall accepting his award and mentioning Howard's name.

He also played the tape of when Heather Locklear presented the award. A couple of other people made mention of Howard's hijinks during the show. Chris O'Donnell said something about wanting Heather Locklear on stage with him. During all of this Howard was hearing about Mariah Carey waiting for him to come hang out. He had Gary try and talk to her with the wireless microphone in hand. He ended up getting pushed away from Mariah at one point. Then when Mariah heard that Howard wasn't coming up she got up and left. The whole thing was too weird for Gary so he just wanted to get out of there. One last guest came in during the hour. Amber Smith who played the first lesbian in Private Parts came in and hung out for a few minutes.

She told a story about how she and the other lesbian in the movie, Janine Lindamuller, hooked up after the movie shoot.

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