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I first heard about what was involved on disparaging ways cocksucker, fudgepackerbut that's where I learned what was what. It is true that it is a bit odd that most gay men LOVE just sucking cock, to the point that some will pay just to do that as others have said. For me it's a physical need. It feels good, sure, but so does your hand. People with healthy self esteem think about reciprocal types of sexual actions, giving and receiving. I freaking love it also, god knows why, but I do.

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Also personally, to me, it dickk an expression of my sexuality. They were enraptured by what, quite frankly, looked like shredded chicken filets. If so, what did happen then? But sometimes, it's really just a chore. They just have to do it, and will do so with any random female who's willing.

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