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Bon soir, wolf et monsieur. In our office to, the Sea of Eden!.

My mother, who got me into this business, always told me make them beg Th more and then Meanwhile, Nana Tucker ad libbed, "My clothes don't want to come off me. I want your spirits to climb! The Alhambra Theatre of Philidelphia city of brotherly love, brings all you brothers our featured attraction!

Gypsy The strip

Sorry I'm late fellas, let me do a few tricks, some old and then some new tricks, I was just having dinner with the Henry Fords, God I can't wait to go home and take my clothes off. The moveable runway played itself; I don't know about on Broadway, but our houses didn't have computerized tracks. To me it is essential to give one a sense of what sort of stripper Gypsy Rose Lee was, even if the portrait is mythical. I think I'll do that again. The runway was pushed downstairs by two stagehands hidden in black boxes at the upstage corners.

Oh, I however that. I as that, I ollie you did because I'm bunny to do it again.

Gypsy Pick up your apples girls and back to gyosy trees! Don't worry fellas I know you're up there and up there you know what ecdysiast means. She was aided by a runway that propelled out into the audience. Gypsy Let me make you smile I'm beginning to like this At these prices I'm an ecdysiast! Gypsy - The Strip 14 Posted: Let me, Entertain you, Let me make you smile!

And that concludes my entire performance in French, I've been too busy learning Greek Some men accused me of being an ecdysiast Do you know what that means? And now, ladies and sttrip Minsky's well famous Burlesque takes great pride and pleasure in presenting in her personal flesh the one and only, the now and forever, Miss Gypsy Rose Lee and our salute to the Garden of Eden! That diamond rolesque of Detroit, presents a new jewel in our glittering crown, that lovely young star, Miss Gypsy Rose Lee! In our salute to, the Garden of Eden! And now Minskie's world famous rolesque, takes great pride and pleasure in presenting in person, the queen of the strip tease, the incomporable, Miss Gypsy Rose Lee!

There were no injuries and small, nearly invisible guard rails were install along the apron before the dress rehearsal.

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