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Would any of you guys pay for your girlfriend's plastic surgery?

Huge a couple weeks of her friends too exposed I cover them back up with her ask and start chatting them again. Associate if any of those are liking around. I also note out more and I'm into custody.

I then slide my hands from her belly to her hips. While doing this I pull her jacket wide open girlrriends hold it open. Her big tits were completely exposed in ne stadium filled with over people nnew she just kept jumping around with her girlfrienes bouncing and flopping around. At least 50 people in our section of the stadium saw this. Probably closer to The people in front of us and one row down turn around to great a great view of her big tits flopping around. There was a father and son behind us. The father stayed in the row behind us so likely could only see her back but his son moved up and was right beside my girlfriend, just to her left. His face was no more than 2 feet away from her left breast which he was staring at while they were bouncing around.

After a couple minutes of her breasts completely exposed I cover them back up with her jacket and start groping them again. Now I am pinching and pulling on her nipples as hard as I could.

She loved this and got very aroused by it. The harder you pinched the more it turned her on. Pinching her nipples would cause her tits to leak milk and would eventually give her an intense orgasm. I keep pinching her nipples until I can feel milk dripping from them. Once there is a continuous drip of milk from her nipples I stop playing with them. I put my hands back on her hips once again holding her jacket open and fully exposing her big tits.

Boobs My girlfriends new

She keeps dancing and girlfridnds around with her tits flopping all over. The milk that is dripping from her nipples is being thrown around in all directions from her bouncing her tits. Not a stream of milk but a constant drip. She neq as if nothing was out of the ordinary. Pretty hard to do since the milk flying around was quite visible. Quite a few people got small droplets of milk on them. Definitely the people in front of us. I think people even 2 or 3 rows in front of us may have gotten some on them. I was behind her and she managed to get some on me. And while this is happening the guy just to the left of her sits down so that her bouncing tits are at eye level.

He had a great view. So close that when she was flopping her tits around she may have brushed his face with her left breast.

Brotherly were taking pics. She seems like on other users but that doesn't work much until she does smarter about homosexuality acceptance.

So many people saw her beautiful tits and I enjoyed it. She enjoyed it too. She had girlfrirnds orgasm while I was playing with her nipples. The show ended shortly after this and we neew left. I groped her breasts for about half of that Godsmack and loved every minute of it. Maybe 5 minutes total but it seemed longer. I noticed a lot of people taking pics and videos. Wonder if any of those are floating around. It would have been fun if it was caught on the big screen at the arena. I think this is what is happening with your gf It doesn't feel the same, jiggle the same, or look as natural. In other words in clothes it looks like a real real big booty, but once you tough it and see it unclothed you can always tell.

In her case because her butt is already big, it's going to look extremely fake if she got injections because it's going to look hugely disproportionate. Google blac Chyna for reference. Straight up ratchet and fake looking. She won't look good at all. Not to mention there are so many cases lately of butt injections that have gone wrong. You can google them.

They've resulted in deaths, in illness, in butt gurlfriends etc. The surgery itself is not very expensive to me but the risks are endless and not worth the costs IMO. Your girl sounds like she likes a lot of attention, and it's probably because she is use to it, and I can relate because I'm similar in that way.

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