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To toggle the "Auto" action press B. After a short scene, where you get knocked down, the girl ties your hands and controls the action.

Unlocking 3p for each girl[ edit edit source ] wllakthrough mode is available after completing chapter one for a given pair of girls. It is not necessary to complete chapter two, or unlock wlathrough mode. However, it must be unlocked separately for each girl see below. To unlock 3p mode for a given pair of girls, make the first girl orgasm "come together" works too if you want extra pointsand then exit. This leads to a story scene, and then the first 3p scene. The story premise seems to be that the second girl watched you make the first girl come, and then decides to join in.

To do this, it is necessary to take the first girl where the second girl will be watching; see below for the necessary stages. Note that wlakthruogh girls must have completed chapter one; if the second girl has not but has completed the initial story scene she masturbates instead of joining in. Stages top to bottom [ edit edit source ] NOTE: Hold left-mouse down with Rub-hand and move around to touch other places or release and click on the other place if place-text doesn't change. Watch the blue bar at all times.

The informal bar men down harder as she get more special and you can't get enough foreigners to buy both the extremities and the conclusion. Seems you happy off someone.

If it gets all the way to the bottom she will wake up and you must start again. When it gets too low, stop and let it rise. Using sleeping pills will immediately restore the blue bar. Save them to use for the finishing action on each phase. Using Candle will make Orgasm meter rise quicker.

Wlakthrough Orgasm girl

gitl Use it before starting the finishing sequence of the last phase. Gjrl you just Pull Down her skirt you can't then remove it. For the FIRST phase, touching is not important and you should only move her arm and remove her skirt. There is no benefit in trying to achieve a higher rank the first time. The blue bar goes down faster as she get more naked and you can't get enough points to buy both the pills and the candle.

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