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Susan bumped Assure to put his friends behind his back. Wuth is about to destination; starting today you will be reviewed if you notice. Feb 13, 1 Showing So as you guys know, I have an authentic sexual dating to my aunt.

Feb sants, 1 Advertisement So as you guys know, I have an unhealthy sexual attraction to my aunt. She had also caught me masturbating once and strongly hinted that she liked what she saw. Anyway, I decided to to make my NNephew tonight. I drove aants to her place after jerking off in the library made a thread about that, check my post history. She opened the door and looked pleased to see me. She was wearing one of her cougarish dresses: But a playa keeps his cool, so I said hi and went in. She smiled again and went to get the wine. Her ample rear swayed seductively.

I was horny, as you can tell. Anyway, she brought out the red wine, poured us both a glass. We drank and just talked about random crap. I found an excuse to get closer to her: I nodded and just said yeah that sucks.

She turned Npehew me very suddenly and asked if I had a girlfriend. I sort of winked at her as I said it. She wkth her hand on my zex and laughed. Her bosom bounced as she did and my erection sang like a canary. She looked serious all of a sudden and said, about the other day I dont mind, you are wanrs man after all and you need your fun. I blushed and said, yeah, that was unexpected. Here it goes, I thought. What are you talking about, I asked? This seemed too easy! She said, noi one has to know She slinked closer to me. I could smell her perfume, and the countours of her nipples pressed against my arm.

This was more than I could bear I was silent for a second or two. She moaned at the touch and closed her eyes, lips parting. I slowly moved my hand down her chest and rested my fingers on her cleavage. She moaned again and a loud sigh escaped her throat OH GOD they were so round and soft, yet firm to the touch. I squeezed them slowly and a loud ahhhhh escaped her. Susan threw Jimmy off her lap. Jimmy stood with a hard- on rubbing his ass. She was determined to teach him a lesson.

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Jimmy was on the floor and cum was still oozing out of his dick. Witb was furious with her nephew. Jimmy licked all over his Aunts thighs, even after the cum was gone Jimmy continued to lick his Aunts inner thighs high up. Jimmy was enjoying this and his erection was back. Susan sat at the table looking at her naked nephew in the corner.

Gradually Jimmy started to fondle his cock; soon he was standing there jerking off with his Aunt wiyh. Susan had to admit to herself that she was aroused controlling her esx, and he seemed to be turned Nephw too. Susan decided to see where it would led if she pursued her dominant desires. Jimmy stood before his Aunt with a raging hard-on. Susan removed her shorts and panties and walked to bathroom. She sat on the toilet with the door open in full view of Jimmy. Susan pissed nosily; when she was done, she called her nephew. It was the first pussy he had ever seen outside the pages of a magazine. Susan forced him to continue to lick her asshole long after he wanted to stop.

He was expected, the best guy had a bigger cock than his own, and it was aunh 7-inches sentinel, intentionally thick, and stripped. Susan understood about the new car, so she did what struck of power she had. Ticking ignored frenzied to like his penis.

He wiggled his tongue in her asshole Nwphew she moaned. Susan finally told her nephew he could stop licking her ass. Jimmy stopped and Susan rolled over and spread her legs out. Jimmy wished Susan would pay attention to him. The boy wished Susan would try to gratify him, as he had tried to gratify. The boy had Nephed seen a naked Nwphew before so he was aroused to be looking at his wanta young Aunt. Jimmy masturbated himself wnts at Susan but she hardly paid wans attention to him. That night Susan told her nephew, if he agreed to be her Nephrw salve, she would fuck him occasionally.

A little later Nwphew evening Denise came over. Susan related what was happening with her nephew, they decided to have a little fun. Jimmy was watching Wahts in his room. Susan called him Neephew the living room. Jimmy looked at Nephew wants sex with aunt and back to his Aunt, when he seen she was serious he took his pants off and stood in his jockey shorts. Jimmy stood there feeling very inadequate, he Nepuew thought his deal eex his aunt would include being ridiculed in front of her friends. The more attention the women paid attention to his cock the more it throbbed. Susan left the door of the bathroom open as she lowered the shorts and panties and sat on the toilet. Susan began to piss; the piss flow hit the water in the bowl loudly.

Denise walked to the bathroom and watched from the opened door. When Susan finished, she stood and told her nephew to knee and use his mouth to clean her. Susan then turned around, bent over facing away from the door, and told her nephew to wash her ass with his mouth. Susan wanted to exhibit the control she had over the boy and told him to stick his tongue up her asshole. Susan stood after some minutes and dressed. They wanted to conduct a few experiments they were both interested in teaching Jimmy to fuck them for their own satisfaction with no regard to trying to please him. They were interested to see how much abuse he was willing to put up with.

First, they would test his limits. Both young women agreed they would order a pizza and see what developed. Jimmy came into the room and Susan told him sit and be quiet while she talked with her friend and waited for the pizza man. The doorbell rang and Susan told her nephew to go to his bedroom. Susan answered door and a nerdy looking college aged young man with a pizza stood there. Susan fumbled for money and with the pretense of not being able to find any invited the young man in. Denise and Susan flirted outrageously with the pizza delivery boy. The pizza boy was taken back. The pizza boy had never had a blowjob, but he of course knew what it was and he sure wanted one.

Denise had her tongue in his ear and her hand groping his crotch. Denise whispered in his ear and asked him f he would allow her to blindfold him. Denise used a scarf to blindfold the deliveryman. While Denise was doing that Susan went to the bedroom and told Jimmy he would have to give the pizza guy a blowjob. She gave him quick instructions about giving head and told him not to speak that he was suppose to be Denise or Susan. Jimmy entered the room; still with no pants on, he approached the couch.

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