Recomendations for feeding an adult dog

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Feeding Guidelines

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Contact your vet immediately if you are concerned about your dog.

Feeding adult dog Recomendations an for

Feeding and exercise Feed your dog in a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the house. You can use a portion of their daily food as treats and for training. The same applies to larger bones. If you change adul diet too quickly it can upset their digestion, so allow for a slow transition process over days so they can adjust naturally to the enzymes and bacteria in the digestive tract. Mix a little of the new food in with their current food, or offer both foods separately. Sick dogs, pregnant or nursing dogs, dogs recovering from illness or injury, and puppies may require more than two meals a day. Recently weaned puppies are sometimes offered food for 30 minutes, two or three times a day.

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The amount of food an adult dog needs depends upon his size qdult level of activity. You can always mix in a few biscuits to add to the texture. There are some foods you should make sure to avoid giving to your dog: Brittle chicken and fish bones can damage teeth and cause obstructions in the gut. Should I feed my dog treats? This means taking it out of the fridge an hour or so before feeding. Show dogs need maintenance plus extra, to provide energy for maintaining high coat quality and countering stress.

There will almost certainly be Recomenndations alternative food you can try. Large breed puppies who overeat may suffer developmental bone diseases. Our PetCare team is often asked: Equally larger breeds, who have a tendency to bolt their food, may be better off with two smaller meals, rather than one big one.

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