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The idea that masturbation can be used to decrease sexual desires is like saying that lighter fluid can be used to extinguish a fire.

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If anything, masturbation incites lustful thoughts and teaches a person that he or she deserves—and needs—sexual gratification whenever the desire arises. Sexuality is meant to be a gift between a husband Masturbatin wife for the purpose of babies and bonding. When it is taken out of that context, the gift is degraded and, in the case of masturbation, altogether ceases being a gift. The gift of sexuality is misused for the sake of lifeless pleasure. When people misuse their sexuality in this way, they may begin to use pleasure to change their mood, release tension, or forget their loneliness.

Masturbation becomes an escape.

Masturbation i may pacify them, but it will never satisfy them. They use the fantasies of their mind and the pleasures of their body to flee from reality and the call to love. Their goal in sexual activity has been reduced to merely receiving pleasure instead of showing love. If men and women have trained themselves to use their sexuality in this way, why would this suddenly change once they are married? The husband or wife will simply use the spouse as a substitute for the fantasies. The problem is that the lust will be transferred to the other, not healed within. Furthermore, if the person has formed a habit of using lust as a means of dealing with stress, he or she may continue to turn to various forms of lust porn, masturbation, infidelity, and so on as a remedy to the stresses within marriage.

Masturbation and feelings of guilt or anxiety have not been studied directly. The potential negative side effects of masturbation are drawn from anecdotal reports and limited research.

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The most common side effects of masturbation include: Cultural, personal, or religious observations or doctrines may impact how you view masturbation. In some philosophies, masturbation is bad or immoral. This can lead to feelings of guilt. Some people who masturbate frequently report that they find it difficult to quit or reduce their rate. Excessive masturbation can begin to impact your mood, as well as your day-to-day sexual functioning. Seeking help Masturbation is a healthy and fun activity. If you experience guilt or anxiety because you masturbate, speak with a professional about your feelings.

Masurbation doctor might be a good resource. They may also refer you to a therapist or psychiatrist. These mental healthcare providers specialize in sexual health discussions. They Masturhation be able to help you work through your feelings and gain a healthier perspective on self-pleasure. If you experience guilt or anxiety because of masturbation, you may need help retraining your thoughts surrounding the practice. These tips may help you have positive masturbation experiences: A doctor or therapist can confirm for you that masturbation is natural, healthy, and typical.

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