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However, in one "dialect", the hitchhiker is not giving a thujb, but is pointing back down the road, to indicate the hopeful destination. While it is clear Piicture the thumb was involved, the precise type hhumb gesture described by the phrase pollice verso and its meaning are unclear in the historical and literary record. High officials in the Chinese government see it as a sign of respect. Coonhaving observed Barbary apes in Gibraltar using the gesture, hypothesised in the anthropological classic The Story of Man that it is a mutual celebration of having opposable thumbs. A man giving a thumb down sign of disapproval By extension from the movie review usage, [16] many websites including Facebook allow users to approve or disapprove of items, such as comments in a forumproducts in a storeor even other people's reviews of movies, books, products, etc.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Over time, the mere sight of an upraised thumb came to symbolize harmony and kind feelings. Hitchhikers in the West traditionally use a thumbs up gesture to solicit rides from oncoming vehicles, although in this presentation the arm is generally outstretched with the palm and closed fingers facing the motorist. Natural human behaviour[ edit ] Carleton S. In the aggregate, this serves as an evaluation system.

A Reach of the Sydney Fog, where the key man refers some paper money for the bigger man and tablets it "good" not treated with a "legs up" flooding both hands. His Enemies and Acceptance threads the practice back to a personal custom tailored to seal business options.

The term fistmele is a Saxon word that refers to that measurement. Now they give shows of their own. This occasionally causes confusion in new divers, who might automatically gesture thumbs-up when trying to indicate approval—actually indicating a desire to stop diving and to ascend. The source of the gesture is obscure, but a number of origins have been proposed. The trademarked phrase " two thumbs up ", originally meaning a positive review from both reviewers, has come to be used as an indication of very high quality or unanimity of praise.

Often, users may view a list of items in order of popularityas ranked by this metric.

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