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It grabs the following: With xStreamer, the power is in your hands! Multiple Themes We have two themes in the admin backend: I am so thankful for your support, you and the whole company have been amazing.

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Subscription based Membership Wdult a lucrative subscription-based membership system for your users. Videos can be fetched via ftp, ssh, or http. It means a lot to me and it makes me confident working with you guys in the future. Distributed Architecture module With this module, your site can be hosted on multiple servers. Tube Corporate is a leading affiliate program and has 10 tube sites in their portfolio. It mentions the record keepers of the for the videos on your site. Additionally, up to 20 payment gateways are available as add-ons.

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Kieran Sattaur Owner of Bussshotproductions. Scalable Architecture Built from scratch to be horizontally scalable, xStreamer can run perfectly on multiple servers with a distributed architecture. The encoding can be done on a different server or an external service and the streaming can be done from a CDN. Fred from West Palm Beach, Florida Owner of Youlubetube I really would like to thank you for helping me out through this whole process. Easily customizable Built with the Laravel Framework, the code is clean, functional, and well-documented. Bulk Upload module The bulk upload module lets you upload videos in bulk to the xStreamer system.

Thankfully, xStreamer removes this annoyance and allows users to see exactly how long until their content will appear on your site.

Nobody is too big or too small for us. Completely happy with downloada entire process. Just download the data dump and upload via your admin interface, and boom! Image gallery module You can host image galleries on your streaming platform as well!

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