Bottom hinged microwave

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Conversely, if the new trim kit is smaller mirowave your existing one, it could leave the rough edge of the previous cutout exposed. Some circuits used for large appliances such as dryers, cooktops and ovens use a voltage in the range from to V. And, if the outlet is located directly behind the microwave, it will push the microwave away from the wall approximately inches. Microwaves with higher wattage or convection technology will require amps rather than the traditional However microwaves with speedcook technology can require up to volts. You will receive a fraction of the cooking power you should and you run the risk of blowing a fuse. Recirculating microwaves are generally found in apartments and condos.

And from an aesthetic stand point, it looks best to have your OTR match the width of your range or cooktop below.

Microwave Bottom hinged

There are three key things you need to consider before replacing your built-in microwave: If you have a recirculating unit, you should see an air filter or grille on the bottom side of the microwave. These sizes refer to the width across the microwave from left to right. The easiest way to see if your old microwave vents is to open the cabinets above the microwave. For traditional side swing microwavesthis will include the trim kit — which is the frame surrounding your microwave.

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