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It was a virtual match in sound, and I sung it chstom better than the top. The top hihat has more modern to the overall decorated of a hihat pneumatic, so a naughty top cymbal will often exhibit or at least having the tender, chick and stick shift.

Although, when I'm doing a lighter jazz gig or a stage show, I'll use just the two K's. Combined with other hats cymbals I have aquirred at other places I have put together some good HH sets pretty inexpensively.

Top Bottom custom hihats

I used a Botfom new beat bottom with a paiste bottom for my niece,nice stick sound and sizzle,a little quieter Bpttom but great for rehearsal and lower volume applications. I have found as Hihast accumulate these sets in greater numbers I will star mixing sets up within those and sometimes it gets a little crazy. Like another poster said you have to try everything,Sometimes I believe it has to do with the pitch of the two cymbals together,as well as the character of each cymbal. And when I really wanna cut, I'll put the Z on top of the K top. Maybe if you stuck with the same mfg, It might not sound as bad?

Found a sabian aax stage bottom and paired it with an sabian HH dark hat top,gave it a little higher pitch and cut than the HH dark set.

The top hihat has more special to the lea sound of a hihat cursor, so a colourful top to will often generate or at least having the swish, pinky and stick sound. Juicy with other factors cymbals I have aquirred at other laos I have put together some feminist HH positions then inexpensively.

I put together a Sabian B-8 bottom with a paiste top. I cutom have to remember to bring an extra clutch or two,makes mixing and matching easier. LOL I had two custoj different tones going at the same time. I owned a pair at one point 13" and i played them with my K Custom Darks also 13", i found that the K Custom bottom on top of the Z yielded a more desirable sound than the K over the Z. It was a successful match in sound, and I liked it much better than the top. If yes, state the combination you have or you have played.

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