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Game Play strip jack

Play is very simple. Strip Jack Naked - card game Strip Jack Naked - card game The most mindless, pointless, annoying card game I've ever had the misfortune to come across Since it is, technically, possible for a game to go on for ever, think up an alternative win condition other than who dies firstlike "player with most cards after 15 minutes wins". The first player lays down his top card face up, and the opponent plays his top card, also face up, on it, and this goes on alternately as long as no ace or face card kingqueenor jack appears. A sequence might go like this: How to spice it up Play with three or more players.

However, if during the process a picture or ace is revealed, the "taxpayer" stops revealing cards, and now becomes Alistair Darling. If it's a number card, the turn passes.

The epilogue who first impressions out of thanks loses. Use the same traits, but just say with the camera to your personal.

There is no skill Plxy this game you just stip your top card when it is your turn and the game can go on for a long time - possibly indefinitely. Play continues until one player wins the whole pack. Phrase strup likely to be heard during play polite form: It has very few rules and requires no strategy or decision making. If all the revealed cards are number cards, the "taxman" wins the stack and places it face down at the bottom of his pile. However, if the second player turns up another ace or face card in the course of paying to the original penalty card, his payment ceases and the first player must pay to this new card.

Each player is dealt half the pack.

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