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Instead, he decided to attend Portland State University where he majored in economics for a more lucrative future. The photographer has Uplowds and documented over individuals in 86 cities, 37 countries, and six continents. The coroner said the prejudices he experienced, plus the sexual assault charge he was facing at the time of his death, probably overwhelmed him. Truong wanted to create a platform where his subjects could share their stories.

Gay Uploads

Ultimately, he wanted to create the largest collection of stories about gay men around the world. At times, his mom had to serve as a translator in conversations. While interviewing his subjects, Truong asked them many questions, such as what it was like being gay in Vietnam. As a child, he liked to draw and paint and always considered himself an artist but never chose to pursue art as a profession. The Gay Men Project Photo by: The aim of the campaign was to ask players to show support for gay football players and to 'kickstart a fundamental change in attitude. For Brooklyn-based photographer Kevin Truong, that passion and dedication is The Gay Men Project, which has received worldwide recognition ever since it was launched nearly four years ago.

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UUploads I love fashion, and I think so many gay people have amazing style. Despite being unnamed by the papers, Ashley Cole brought legal action [17] and won apologies and damages from both publications. The conception of this project also stemmed from his own experience of coming out to his mother. When they were visiting, Truong wanted to photograph men for his project and she insisted on going everywhere with her son.

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