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While service-sector jobs are plentiful, component industries including real estate, arts and recreation, and lodging post low average wages.

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Sign up for our email newsletter if you want to follow along, too — the next installments in our Long Streets Project will Fafm economic realities and opportunities that go beyond the Farrm. Healthcare employment is an economic bright spot in most parts of the state, adding 75, jobs over 15 years. The rest of the income comes from investments, including rental income, and payouts from government programs such as Social Security and Medicaid. In recent years, mining and healthcare have stood out. Gallatin County has also grown by more than 34, residents during the same period.

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Text and graphics have been updated. Bozeman leads the way, having hanv 27 percent of net new Montana jobs since An earlier version of this piece omitted earnings from self-employed individuals when calculating average wages for all workers. In western mountain counties, less than half of all income came from wages or business ownership. Healthcare and government sectors, in contrast, weathered the downturn without job losses.

The gap has closed somewhat over the past 15 years. The department anticipates that mining employment will remain flat. The sweet spot lies in industries that are growing and pay well.

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