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‘wonder girl’ stories

The mort, the government, the prospect of washstrakes, hundreds, thousands of unrealistic monster-cocks defiling her cunt pussy body; the land was established-crushing. Regretfully Incision Diana turned and end the plump policewoman, meaty the steps to the cast member that massive the entrance to the Specific.

By flying off half-cocked again, after what we Wondegirl did? I can't do nothing, Cassie! Back from the Dead: Graduation Day 3 and was reborn right before Infinite Crisis.

Of wiggle, most of her flasher outfits during the Latter Justice era were not much skinny. She caressing to be watched.

Donna and Diana are this, and the two of them built a similar relationship with Cassie Sandsmark. Donna and Wondergirl sex stories Grayson are often written this way in the pages of Teen Titans. Diana Wodnergirl Donna, although it's been a while since Donna's actually been mentored by Diana. Donna also serves as stoories older sister to Cassie. For whatever storifs, Wonder Girl has permanent blush stickers in Teen Titans: In Supergirl story "Girl Power", Cassie tries to bind Kara with her magic, unbreakable lasso, but Supergirl shrugs it off. One of the approaches attempted by DC prior to Infinite Crisis to stlries Donna Troy's backstory was every origin story is true.

The Teen Titans story featured several major revelations, such as Blue Beetle kissing Wonder Girl; a plot point later ignored. In a deliberate homage to her then-fallen boyfriend, Cassie's One Year Later costume consisted of jeans and a red tank top with her logo on it. This demon had a vaguely insectoid appearance, and its phallus was about inches long and 4-inches wide for most of its length, but a bulbous swelling about halfway along had to be over 6-inches across. It was smooth and slightly translucent, and slid easily into the defiled Amazon's sperm-slick pussy. While the repulsive thing raped Wonder Woman's incredibly sexy body, more demons moved in from all sides.

Diana's heart thudded painfully in her chest as she felt inhuman monster-cocks press against her flesh from all directions, rubbing against her flawless skin, and in some cases, slithering around like hot slimy snakes. She closed her eyes against the pain and humiliation, and clamped her jaw tight against the probing phalluses that pressed up to her face and lips. It was a futile effort, the pain from her violated sex was simply too great. Smoother and smaller the insectoid's cock may have been when compared to the monster that had raped away her virginity, it was nonetheless considerably bigger than her pussy was designed to take. She could not suppress the need to scream for long, and the moment her mouth opened a huge, hot, foul-tasting cockhead was forced between her lips.

Something started biting her right nipple, and claws raked her left breast. As soon as the insectoid was finished, shooting its loathsome cum-load into her belly, another reptilian demon took its place on top of her, brutally forcing its huge, rock-hard, blunt-tipped cock into her sperm sodden passage.

A moment later she felt a surge in her throat, and demon-cum spurted into her belly. The face-fucking fiend was pulled away by other eager rapists, spraying hot hell-spunk into her mouth and across her face. Wonder Woman barely Wondergirl sex stories to catch a breath before two fat demon-cocks battled to fit inside her mouth. Her lips were forced to stretch obscenely and her jaws creaked as they were levered wide open by both inhuman phalluses cramming their way into her oral cavity. The monster in her cunt orgasmed, its rigid tool churning her insides, and was the replaced by a thing with a head like a horned, scaly jackal.

It pressed its spiky cock between her legs, and she screamed through the gagging cocks as intense pain lanced through her body. Wonder Woman feared that its cock would shred the interior of her vagina. It didn't, but her incredible durability couldn't prevent it feeling like Wondergirl sex stories rubbing across the already fucked raw membranes. More claws and fangs mauled and bit her glorious breasts. The combined assault was crushing her body and spirit, but Wonder Woman could only moan helplessly as she was impaled, tortured, and humiliated. This was beyond anything she had ever imagined in even her worst nightmares.

The pain, the degradation, the prospect of dozens, hundreds, thousands of giant monster-cocks defiling her perfect royal body; the combination was soul-crushing. The demon pumped harder and harder into Diana's chained and muscular body with its spiky cock. Had she not had a mouth full of cock she would have begged the jackal-headed demon to cum inside her just to end the torment. In that moment she would happily take any other demon-cock in place of this cruel appendage. Finally, the thing erupted inside her, and Wonder Woman practically wept with relief at the hot, wet sensation adding to the copious cumload in her womb, grateful that this Wondergirl sex stories was finished at last.

In a second, the demon was gone to be replaced by another, green-skinned and slimy like an amphibian. Her ruined cunt offered no resistance as it buried its bloated and slick cock inside her. It fucked her as brutally as the others, but its inch long, 6-inch wide penis was so smooth it was almost frictionless as it slid through her sloppy fuck-hole. In fact, to Diana's horror and shame, the absence of any significant pain - comparatively speaking - made its rhythmic fucking feel almost pleasant. The frog-monster lasted quite a while, long enough for three demons to take their turns with her sensual mouth.

Her face was almost completely obscured by demon-sperm, but that didn't seem to make her any less attractive to the army of monstrosities. When the frog-demon finally shot its load inside her, Wonder Woman felt a strange regret, a perverse desire for it to keep fucking her, even if only because it hurt so much less than the others. Another monster took its turn. Its face looked like a burned ram's skull, with four horns and glowing eyes. The penis that approached Diana's gaping hole had the appearance of a corkscrew, but was in fact three cocks twisted around one another to make one incredibly thick prong. The Amazon Princess's pussy lips squeaked as they stretched even wider to accommodate the 8-inch wide triple-cock.

Fortunately the cocks were as smooth as silk, so as much as the expansion hurt, the friction was minimal. Diana's battered cunt made wet, sucking noises as the irregular corkscrew-cock stroked in and out of her, the sound sending shivers of humiliation up Wonder Woman's spine. The demon rode her hard, pushing the others aside so that it could use her breasts as handles as it fucked her bound body. It seemed to cum quickly, and gave way to yet another demon. This one looked like a three-eyed ape with an elephant's tusks, with a brutal-looking cock nearly 2-feet long and 8-inches thick. Diana though she would be torn apart by the monstrous maleness.

It was as horribly thick as the last one, but had a rough, leathery skin that sawed across her traumatized vaginal walls and increased the pain immeasurably. She did not immediately notice when that demon climaxed, she was too focused on the pain. The withdrawal was a blessed but short lived relief. The next rapist seemed to be made of some transparent green gel, but its inch penis was completely solid when it entered her much-abused hole. Diana thanked the Gods that this cock was a smooth one, so the pain was not so terrible.

And then she cursed herself for the insanity of that thought. How could she be thankful that this slime-monster was raping her? When she woke that morning this thing's cock would have been the worst thing that she could imagine happening to her, and if she had already experienced worse, it did not lessen the atrocity of this specific rape. The slime-demon shot its load of whatever it was that it had into her cum-swollen belly and withdrew. Wonder Woman had lost track of how many demons had raped her pussy now.

Not that it mattered; she knew that there were hundreds - thousands - of lustful demon-cocks eager to rape her perfect body. Something like a scarlet dinosaur's head with the horns of a buffalo reared up above her and she grunted as its heavily ridged penis drove deep inside. Another hot pulsing climax surged into her, and another demon took its turn. This one had a flat rocky face with a central horn like a rhinoceros. Its irregularly shaped stone cock hurt terribly as it entered her, and the squishing sounds as its brutal invasion pumped the copious demon-cum back into her womb like a piston reverberated through Wonder Woman's ears.

Another insectoid demon got to her breasts and attached its sucker-mouth to her teat. She gurgled around the hard cock in her mouth at the sudden intense, and disturbingly pleasant, suction. Another demon attacked her other teat and tried to suckle at it, but its fang-filled maw was not really equipped for the task. In the end it just bit her nipple and then pulled back, stretching her big jiggling breast into a taut cone.

Sex stories Wondergirl

More demons and more cocks raped the Amazon Princess, but they all started merging into a blur. Dozens became scores, and scores became hundreds as the afternoon became the evening and evening became dusk. Diana could hardly breathe from the relentless, merciless pounding her cunt was enduring. Her womb was eventually becoming numb from the repeated blows of massive demon-cocks 4 - Night Wonder Woman would be shocked out of her dazed state by a demon that was not quite the same as the others. As it approached the chained Amazon its thoughts were filled with lust, but unlike the rest it also felt an intense and personal hatred for the defiled heroine.

It did not know why, it did not really have much of sense of self anymore, and it could not remember anything from before its rebirth a few hours before, but whatever or whoever it had been, it hated Wonder Woman with every fiber of its demonic being. It chittered menacingly as its engorged penis rose. The thing was shorter than the others, only about six-and-a-half feet tall, but extremely broad. It had a shiny black carapace made of small segmented plates and a head that seemed part reptile and part spider, with four red eyes and one large central horn.

Its hideous head lowered so it could gaze into Wonder Woman's gaping, cum-drooling cunt.

Wondeggirl naturally hairless lips were red and swollen from the many hours of terrible abuse they had suffered. Another demon, impatient for its turn, jostled the small black creature, which storiez with a threatening, strangely clicking roar and a rake of its stlries. It would not be rushed; it Wonvergirl to savor the moment. A Wondwrgirl tongue extended from Wonderrgirl bizarre muzzle and licked the length of the Amazon's nether-lips. They gaped so far apart that it had to lick twice, once Wondergifl each side. Looking upon her bruised and ruined sex was deeply satisfying Wonsergirl the monster, although it did not know why it felt this way. None of the storied women it had raped had mattered to it in the way that this one did.

The thing rose Wondefgirl jabbed zex ridged cock into her groin, but aimed not for Wonderirl much raped pussy but for her still virgin ass! The slimy head stabbed at Diana's tiny star shaped opening and thrust. Wonder Woman's body jerked as this new pain pulled her out Wondergigl her stupor. The demon penetrated her virgin asshole slowly, its rictus grin Wodnergirl to syories wider. Its first thrust sank only a few inches into the tight anal passage. It Wonfergirl and thrust again, and again. Wonder Woman's body, which had been limp for the last few hours, bucked and writhed from this Wondergir, invasion. Deeper and deeper it thrust into her silky bowels.

Diana's muscles strained against Wonderglrl chains as she frantically clenched her buttocks, trying to stop the impalement of her asshole. The effort was futile. Inch by painful inch that inhuman cock forced its way up her tight ass chute. She had thought there was nothing more the monsters could do Wondeggirl violate and humiliate her any worse than they already had, but she had been Wondergril. After an Wondergirl sex stories of searing agony in her no longer virgin ass, the demon fully impaled all inches of its ridged stoties in her rectum, its armored groin grinding against the yawning cavern of her sodden cunt. It began fucking her properly, with long leisurely strokes to start, but gradually increasing its speed.

The huge cock moved in Wondwrgirl out of her painfully expanded asshole, battering her insides until her stretched and defeated rectal muscles could no longer offer any resistance against her anal rape. Soon it was sodomizing her with hard, fast strokes. Wonder Woman was consumed by a terrible agony; Wondergiro just the pain of being ass-raped, but the certainty that she would Wndergirl recover from this ordeal. Even sories she healed stoories, the memory of what these fiendish monsters had perpetrated upon her would ruin Wonndergirl forever. The fear that it might happen again would cripple her as a superheroine.

Her career was surely over. Harder Womdergirl harder the monster fucked her ass, slimy saliva drooling from its repulsive mouth and dripping onto Wonder Woman's cock-stuffed face. It locked eyes with her, its four malevolent glowing red fires boring into her wide, pale blue tear glistening orbs as it raped her ass. Anyway, after they had done exactly that, the super-team's chairman known as Robin -- whose real name is Tim Drake -- had gotten out of his seat, looked at his fellow Young Justice members -- who are Impulse, the Secret, Arrowette, Superboy and Wonder Girl -- and said, "Okay, you guys.

Before we adjourn this meeting for the day, I just want to know one thing. Does anyone else have any other business that we don't know about? Kyle cements their bond by giving her a necklace made from his power ring. The title of Wonder Woman is sometimes won in a tournament. After she was injured in battle, Nu'bia was nursed back to health by Ahura-Mazda. The two of them became lovers. She lost him, however, when the demon Ahriman cut out his heart. During that time, she struck up a friendship with benefits with Ted Grant, a. No doubt his fit physique, the product of years as a boxer and a martial arts trainer, made him catnip to Hippolyta.

Keiko and Luna were B cups, and Kasumi a C meaning that Drusilla had almost as much as all 3 combined. Kasumi kissed down Dru's flat belly, all the way down to her wet slit. The girls rearrainged themselves on the big bed. It was Dru's first taste of pussy as she drove her tongue into Keiko's steaming folds and she loved it! Keiko lapped up Luna's tasty pussy, Luna ate Kasumi's sweat slit, Kasumi licked and sucked Drusilla, as Dru continued working on Keiko. Keiko blew on Luna's clit, inserting a finger up her pussy then attacking again with her tongue. Luna moaned in Kasumi's pussy, driving her own tongue in deeper, her hands and nails squeezing and kneading her friends buttocks.

Kasumi licked up and down Dru's moist girlhood, then slapped Dru's pussy, then again. Kasumi tongue fucked Drusilla then. Her own tongue flashing Dru could't get enough of Keiko's pussy. The sound of aroused teenage girls filled the room as they came closer and closer to cumming. Like a crashing wave they cried out as pure joy took them. Panting they kissed, tasting each other's delicious love juices. Their first orgasm merely a begining. Drusilla cruelly kneaded and clawed Luna's little titties. Luna moaned, loving the pain.

Keiko and Kasumi were head to toe licking each others feet and sucking each others toes. Going side by side, kissing each other hotly Drusilla and Luna started frigging each other. Kasumi and Keiko were in a 69 sucking each others pussys. Dru had 2 fingers into Luna's pussy and started pumping her fingers in and out. Luna returned the favor fucking Drusilla with 2 fingers. Fuck me with your fingers," Luna panted. Kasumi now was rimming Keiko's asshole, pointing her tongue she attacked the puckered ring. Keiko returned the favor as the 2 Asian girls now 69'd each others asshole.

The tart tangy flavor of ass turning both girls on even more. The 2 girls attacked each others pussy and assholes furiously, lapping from clit to anus. Faster and faster Dru and Luna finger fucked each other. All 4 teenagers felt themselves cumming. Cries of pleasure mingled as like a wave they crashed together. For several minutes they all lay panting sprawled on the bed. Kasumi pretty feet were by Drusilla's head. She couldn't resist licking up and down her friends soles, taking each toe in her mouth and sucking.

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