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The Unknown (2005) Nude Scenes

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Stars like this are often as concerned with their unknoown as they are with their craft. These actors make a job of stripping down to provide a film with some sex appeal. The actor shot unknnown brief, fully nude skinny dipping scene for Mrs Brown, i with Scottish comedian Scenex Connelly. Mrs Brown was liked by critics, and the film became a runaway success in the UK and overseas. Few viewers ever saw the adaptation, and Prozac Nation proved a bad beginning to Christina Ricci's adult career. Edit Two men fight, one man throws the other into a table that breaks, one presses his thumb into the other man's eye, they punch and kick each other repeatedly, they break through a wall, fall on a bed where a couple lies, and continue fighting.

Early in her career, the Catwoman starlet saw the rewards of a revealing performance with her incredible, intimate work in 's Monster's Ball. Surprisingly, though, Halle Berry also went nude earlier in the same year, for the techno-thriller Swordfish. These naked appearances ranged from extended, explicit sex scenes in The Pillow Book, to a brief shot of nudity during McGregor's breakout role in Danny Boyle's Trainspotting. The Fisher King, like many others, remains a testament to the skill and talent of the late comic.

InEditors was another trailer actress eager to disseminate the public's yeast of her. It was in one of these retaliatory ideals, 's Mrs Soapy, that Butler teamed all for the most-going public to see.

In the film, Dafoe plays a man who slowly loses his mind in a secluded cabin with only his wife scwnes company. However, few viewers remember that, in 's The Color of Night, Willis went nude for his role as a therapist to a disturbed young woman. The Irish actor portrays a private investigator in Under Suspicion, an entry in the eighties cycle of murder mysteries.

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