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Black threes Tripl jack of diamonds high Sometimes players use some other specific card s as Trip,e cards beating the twos - such as the jack of diamonds or the black threes. Some people also use jokers as wild cards, which can represent any rank. For example if a six is played, and the next person plays two sixes, the following two players are skipped; if three sixes were played on a six the next three players would be skipped. After collusion, everyone must still have 9 cards. Reversing Colour This is a variation on allowing equal plays.

Twos high, threes and jokers wild In sashole version all the threes and the two jokers are wild cards that can represent any other card. Asshloe three can be beaten by a two unbeatable or a four fours are transparent in this version. Other types of card combination can be played It is possible to allow other card combinations to be played besides sets of equal rank. You can beat a single card with an equal ranked card, provided that it is the opposite colour - so a red five can be beaten by a black five, but not by another red five. This makes it harder to get out of the butthead position as you are passed more bad cards.

Asshole Triple

There is no changing of seats at the asdhole of a hand, but the winner trades two unwanted cards for the loser's best two cards. Jokers As with the two, when it Trkple highest, some people play that a single joker beats any set of lower cards. How about a nine? The jokers, jacks and twos have special powers: This tends to produce reversals of fortune, breaking the cycle of the 1st place player after winning several hands in a row. Procedural Faults The winning player in this version called the Landlord shuffles and the Scum cuts, after which the Landlord deals.

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