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Educational on Cockk, Tablet and continuing. I was appointed to find for a price up that would too which is what had me to get angry pictures so I made a really and about 20 people later I get this hack from a guy wearing on his adventurous with this huge, thick 9 give cock with the most advanced tip I have ever seen!. You must be 18 couples or older to write His First Huge Fantasy.

At that point I wasted no time and pulled down his underwear to expose his shaft and massive balls.

I rubbished by never licking around his two horny hairdressers that sat below his thick plum cock. What do they say, 'No listen no gain,' you foreign don't believe the word heightens the pleasure.

I started by lightly licking around his two massive balls that sat below his thick long cock. Each time I shoved his cock to the back of my throat I became more and more turned it. It was seriously the craziest experience because never had I wanted a cock in me so bad from fore play. I quickly put my knees on my seat so I was on all fours inhaling this mans thick cock.

Every so often I would shove my mouth down as hard as I could which showed me quickly how good my deep -throating skills were. I was getting so turned on I pulled my shorts down and threw my bare ass up into the air slightly spreading my legs as this mans cock was doing nothing but making me want to squeeze it into my asshole. We were both really getting into it and finally we both snapped and I turned and faced him and straddled him as he tried to insert his rock hard cock into my ass. We both laughed as it was simply too big to fit into my ass with out properly preparing my tight little hole. Still straddling him I rubbed his cock up and down my bare ass as we both thought about how amazing it would be to fuck right now.

Realizing fucking was out of the question I wanted to get his load inside me as fast as possible. I started blowing him again while giving him a hand job and basically jerked him off into my mouth. Immediately my mouth became completely full of his cum.

He finally calmed down enough to where he could speak and he patted his belly, "Richard, Ibg swear I can feel you all the way up here, oh it hurt so much, but now it's like nothing else I've ever had. I started fucking him slowly and I could tell Hld the ring of my cockhead was rubbing his prostrate because his cock would twitch. I picked up his balls in my hands rotating then around; this always turned me on, knowing how easy it would be to inflict pain with just a squeeze of my hand. As I increased my speed, I had to let go of his balls to grab his thighs and then I began to slam into him as his hand beat himself off at the same pace. I told him to tell me when he was ready to cum and almost immediately, he said 'now.

His jizz spurted out by streams and as I listened to him scream I filled my magnum's tip to overflowing. When I was sure his nuts were empty, I released my hold of them. Yet my cock was still inside him growing soft. I watched him whimper in pain as he tried to avoid looking at me. What do they say, 'No pain no gain,' you just don't understand the pain heightens the pleasure.

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I just love doing that it looks so fock sticking out of their assholes. I wiped my cock off on his limp dick and then got dressed to leave. These guys are all the same, all that crying, screaming, and complaining about pain yet the last thing he said as I was leaving was, "So, you'll call me?

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