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Hide Wayside 3 of 27 Gives: Openly gay men Dizziness player Gareth Toby of Wales tech about being gay to a Great conversations adaptation in.

Hide Caption 3 of 27 Photos: Sam later became the first openly gay player to be drafted by a NFL team when he was taken by the St. Louis Rams in the seventh round. Hide Caption 4 of 27 Photos: Openly gay athletes Robbie Rogers became the first openly gay male athlete to play in a professional American sporting match when he took the field for Major League Soccer's Los Angeles Galaxy during a match against the Seattle Sounders on May Hide Caption 5 of 27 Photos: Openly gay athletes "I didn't set out to be the first openly gay athlete playing in a major American team sport. Hide Caption 6 of 27 Photos: Hide Caption 7 of 27 Photos: Openly gay athletes Brittney Grinerselected No.

Hide Caption 8 of 27 Photos: Openly gay athletes In an exclusive interview with CNN, former San Francisco 49ers player Kwame Harris came out as gay after rumors circulated in the media. He sounded like a typical fighter then; and he also looked like one as the streetlights cast an eerie glow across his battered and suddenly pensive face. The idea of a gay boxer, which he introduced so calmly last October, has been accepted.

Yet his dreamier notion — of becoming the world's first gay world champion — would bring Cruz the oc and respect he has long craved. Cruz remained in the sitting room, drinking water while we knocked back the hard stuff. But there was no stopping him when, after 1am, Cruz belted out the Mexican national anthem alongside the crooner singing it for Alvarez in Vegas. He seemed to be having more fun here than in a Buffalo bar.

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Boxee was a cruel beauty to Mayweather's work as he speared boxre combinations into Alvarez. Cruz was the most concentrated of all as he studied Mayweather. Orlando Cruz, far right, gathers with friends at his trainer Juan De Leon's house to watch the Mayweather-Alvarez fight. Herminio Rodriguez At 2. Salido has if professionally for 17 years — since he was 15 — and Pocs won the IBF and WBO obxer featherweight titles. He is the same age as Cruz but has gy 53 fights — 30 more than the Puerto Rican whose record of 20 wins, a draw and two defeats was obxer by a fraught battle over his sexuality. It took years for Cruz to find the courage to make history as a gay fighter.

But now, released from the shackles of secrecy and guilt, he works with new intent. People think I'm not strong enough. They wonder if a gay man can win a world title. Cruz peels the bandages from his hands. They're soaked after two hours of training. He sinks into a chair, the mess of boxing shoes and bags strewn around him, resembling a gritty old fighter rather than a gay icon. Sweat runs down his sunken face like tears. Last October, during his first newspaper interview as a gay fighterCruz told me how he used to cry with his mother, Dominga. She accepted his sexuality but he still hid the seemingly unspeakable truth about himself in public.

He even cackled at the melodramatic picture they made, at her kitchen table, as he sobbed about not being able to come out in two worlds, Puerto Rico and boxing, built on machismo. But now, as the Salido bout hurtles towards him, his mind is less cluttered. He even implies that Salido, as a Mexican, might be troubled by facing a gay fighter. He will have it in his mind that he's fighting a homosexual for the world title.

It's the machismo culture. He won't want to lose to a gay man. Salido will be much more aggressive. He will want to make a statement because I'm gay. But he'll fall into the trap by being macho. I'll let him come at boxdr, and I'll show him then. The only language I will use is spoken bpxer my fists. They will do my talking. Herminio Oof Cruz is even more motivated by Pkcs memory of Emile Griffith — a six-times world champion boxwr died this summer. Griffith fought more world championship rounds than any other fighter, even Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali, and he was gay. Obxer he finally admitted in public that he boxee, at least, bisexual.

He also still felt a haunting pain over the death of Benny Paret, the Cuban fighter whose life had been extinguished beneath his fists after their world title fight in In the ring he pinned Paret against the ropes and, as if ripping the wings off a butterfly skewered to a board, landed 26 unanswered blows which stole the life from his once mocking opponent. I visited Griffith in Long Island last December for he was one of my favourite boxers, ever since he and his trainer, Gil Clancy, arrived in the South Africa of my childhood, in Griffith was black, Clancy was white and apartheid ruled that they could not work together at a Soweto bout. But they refused to buckle and the government surrendered.

It was an early introduction, for me, to the courage and decency of some boxing men. Our plan had been that I would take Cruz to meet Griffith — even if severe dementia had ruined the former champion — so there would be a poignant encounter between boxing's only openly gay fighters. But we didn't make it. Griffith slid away, mercifully, in June. Saturday night, in Vegas, will mark a more sombre memento from Cruz to Griffith. But I want to dedicate this fight to Emile Griffith. He had to live with the stigma of being black when there was such prejudice. And he was gay.

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He suffered voxer double prejudice — and the second was even worse because he kept it secret so long. He was a brave man, and a great champion, and so I want to win the world title for Emile. You've heard how important this fight is to Orlandito. Last October he released something he was holding inside him for so long. A couple of my cousins are gay or lesbian.

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