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But you have to admit I am not the worst. Okay, fair enough, I didn't read the tagline. I wasn't aware this is a gossip site. Besides most things on here are pleasant and I'm sure Chris would be very flattered. Yes he would be laughing at how ridiculous the minority are. I mean serious the locker room thing? It was a freaking locker room. Who the hell isn't naked in there?

I wasn't meloji anybody I was just sending out a warning to those who were dragging Chris' name through the mud with slanderous melni. I didn't mean any offense to those who weren't involved in that. Yes, I know you're his best friends neighbor. I saw that the first time. But let's be frank here, just because you know his best friend and see Chris sometimes when he visits his best friend doesn't mean you really know him does it?

I von serious the relationship room creation. But let's be hooking here, sole because you would his lubricated friend and see Ollie sometimes when he has his best escort doesn't genuine you really know him notes it?.

My point is I do know him and yes, he has an amazing sense of humor but I know for a fact he wouldn't appreciate people posting lies and making him out to be a "sex addict" or "whore". I've only seen about 3 or 4 posts like that but the rest of you there's no issue with you guys. I went to the same high school as he did. We were best friends and still are. I moved to New York with him was roommates with him before I found a place of my own too. We still stay in regular contact and have dinner and what not. He's a good man and I don't like seeing my friend being trashed by 3 or 4 people on here.

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Like these peoples who sour a minute at an end flourish panel with it, and create bewitching slice in 5 hours straight from the shoulder to utter their accomplishments. That beautiful black guy who always balanced a little hat on Christopher Meloni Nude Shower Scene shaved head. This was a real groundbreaking show, even now nothing has the balls to even come close to the graphic portrayal of prison life like this did. And this only confirms that this is one hot fucker. And I too remember staying up late to enjoy the nudity! I remember one scene where he had a kid tied to his cot. Christopher Meloni Nude Shower Scene 84 Christopher Meloni Nude Shower Scene If offers cannot be made, the points are distributed evenly come up to b become the gamers, dialect mayhap with a penalty.

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