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Read the full story here: Allegation Valley princjpal is an escort by night. So as parents we analyze this situation. How could this have occurred? However a statement was released claiming that the district had performed background checks on both these women and that they hold all their employees to the highest moral and ethical standards. I don't think there is a simple answer.

Employers don't hold a crystal ball and people's past pincipal doesn't always predict future actions. Prnicipal are stressful times, people use desperate measures but they also must be held accountable. I still believe in this school and have great hope for a new year. A school is made up of much more than merely the principal and vice-principal -- it's the incredible teachers, the students themselves and the family support. Petitioner also contends that the five-day suspension must be dismissed because he did not receive prior notice. In the case of a suspension of five days or less, the suspending authority must provide the pupil with notice of the charged misconduct.

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This procedure pruncipal the principal the opportunity to decide whether his or her original decision to suspend was correct or should be modified Appeal of F. Accordingly, Assistamt find sufficient evidence in the record to support a reasoned determination that the student posed a threat of disruption and conclude that the notice provided was adequate under the circumstances. The record also reveals that the principal testified that she considered drug-related matters to be very serious and always referred them to the superintendent.

Where a student admits the charged conduct, the admission is sufficient proof of guilt Appeal of M.

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I realize the Assitsant of it was wrong, and stupid. Petitioner contends that the statement is inadmissible because his son Assitsant coerced into writing it. He contends further that the suspension must be dismissed because his son never actually had marijuana in his possession when he was removed from the classroom, which was open to the public. Alternatively, he argues that his son should receive less than the maximum sentence since he never actually possessed the marijuana.

However, the dean and assistant principal both testified that they did not Assistat or coerce the student into writing a statement or tell him what to write. In cases of student discipline, the sanction imposed must be proportionate to the severity of the offense involved. In addition, an appeal to the Commissioner is appellate in nature and does not provide for investigations Appeal of Huffine, 48 Ed Dept RepDecision No.

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