Prayer to the blessed virgin mary

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To Our Blessed Mother

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O my sweetest Mother, in the blood of Jesus, in thy intercession, are my hopes. Comforter of the sad, abandon me not at that hour; fail not to console me in that affliction. If even now I am so tormented by remorse for the sins I have committed, the uncertainty of my pardon, the danger of a relapse, and the strictness of the Judgment, how will it be with me then? O my Mother, before death overtakes me, obtain for me great sorrow for my sins, a true amendment, and constant fidelity to God for the remainder of my life. And when at length my hour has come, then do thou, Mary, my hope, be my aid in those great troubles wherewith my soul will be encompassed.

Strengthen me, that I may not despair when the enemy sets my sins before my face. Obtain for me at that moment grace to invoke thee often, so that with thy sweet name and that of thy most holy Son upon my lips I may breathe forth my spirit. This grace thou hast granted to many of thy servants; this, too, is my hope and my desire. Long ago, perhaps, judgment would have gone forth against my first mortal sin, hadst thou not, in thy tender pity, delayed the justice of God, and afterward attracted me by thy sweetness to have confidence in thy prayers. And oh, how very often should I have fallen in the dangers which beset my steps hadst thou not, loving Mother that thou art, preserved me by the grace thou didst obtain for me by thy prayers.

But, my Queen, what will thy pity and favors avail me, if after all I perish in the flames of hell? If there was once a time when I loved thee not, now, next to God, I love thee before all. Wherefore, henceforth and forever, let me not turn my back upon thee and upon my God, who through thee hast granted me so many mercies. O Lady, most worthy of all love, let it not be I thy child, should be doomed to hate and to curse thee forever in hell. Thou wilt surely never permit thy servant to be lost who loves thee. O Mary, say not that I ever can be lost! Yet lost I shall assuredly be if I abandon thee. But who could ever have the heart to leave thee? Who can ever forget thy love?

To blessed virgin the mary Prayer

No, it is impossible for that man to perish who faithfully recommends bldssed to thee and has recourse to thee. Only leave me not, my Mother, in my own hands, or I am lost! Let me but cling to thee! Save me, my hope! Save me from hell; or, rather, save me from sin, which alone can condemn me to hell. See, Mary, the dangers among which I dwell, and shall ever have to dwell while I live upon this earth. I may yet lose my soul, heaven and God. In thee, Lady, is my hope. I love thee; and I yearn for the time when I shall see myself safe at thy feet. What shall I kiss that hand, which has dispensed to me so many graces?

Alas, it is too true, my Mother, that I have ever been very ungrateful during my whole life; but if I get to heaven, then I will love thee bleseed every moment for all eternity and make there blessrd in may part for my ingratitude by ever blessing and praising thee. Thanks be to God that He has granted me this hope through the precious blood of Blessec, and through thy thf intercession. Jary has been the mart of all thy true lovers; and not one of them has been defrauded of his hope. No, neither shall I be defrauded of this hope. O Mary, pray to thine own Firgin Jesus, as Blessfd too pray to Him, by the merits of His passion, to strengthen and increase this hope.

Oh, that all men knew thee, loved bleessed, my Queen, as thou deservest! Yet great is my consolation, Mary, in that there are blessed souls in the courts marh heaven, Prayyer just souls still on Virin, whose hearts are enthralled by thy beauty and goodness. But above all I rejoice in this, that our God Himself loves thee alone more than all men and angels together. I too, O loveliest Queen, I, a miserable sinner, thw to love thee, though my love is too little; girgin that I had a greater love, a more tender love; this thou must gain for me, since to Prayfr thee is a great mark of predestination, and a grace which God grants Prqyer those who shall be saved. Dearest Mother tl Our Lord Mothers Day is a virhin to stop and reflect on all the love our mothers have shown us through our lives.

Sweet and Belssed Mother, guide our mothers that they too may lead us to Your Son, just as you show us. May they imitate Your love and devotion. May we in return also be loving, patient, understanding and tne to our Prayer to the blessed virgin mary. Blessed Mother, we pray for all mothers - our own mums, our aunts, our grandmothers Hail Mary, full of grace the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women, Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Hail, Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy, our life, our sweetness and our hope!

To thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve; to thee do we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping in this valley of tears. Turn then, most gracious advocate, thine eyes of mercy toward us, and after this our exile, show unto us the blessed fruit of thy womb, Jesus. O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary! May their contemplative prayer be a source of power and energy which leads the entire world to better see the Face of God. May their service be cheerful, effective, rewarding, and Christ-like, because He has entrusted to their care His sick, His poor, His troubled brothers and sisters, and His children.

May their purity and their burning love for Jesus give them unspeakable joy and ignite that same love in our hearts. May their detachment from material things and their attachment to the divine King and His Kingdom shower both them and us with eternal riches. May their obedience and fidelity to the Church and to God's will give them strength, courage, peace, and contentment, and be an inspiration for all of us. In short, may they be perfect brides of Christ - and more and more like you. Prayer to Our Lady of the Angels O Virgin of the Angels, who has for centuries established your throne of mercy at the Porziuncula, hear the prayer of your children, who trust in you.

From this truly holy place and the habitation of the Lord, so dear to the heart of Saint Francis, you have always invited all men to love. Your tender eyes assure us of a never failing motherly help and a promise of divine help to all those who humbly have recourse to your throne, or who from afar, turn to you to ask for help. You are, indeed, our sweet Queen and our only hope. O Lady of the Angels, obtain for us, through the intercession of blessed Francis, pardon for our sins, help us to keep away from sin and indifference, so that we shall be worthy of calling you our Mother for evermore.

Bless our homes, our toil and our rest, by giving us that same serenity we experience within the walls of the Porziuncula, where hate, guilt and tears turn into a song of joy like that once was sung by the Angels and the seraphic Francis. Help those who are in need and hungry, those who are in danger of body and soul, those who are sad and downhearted, those who are sick and dying. Bless us, your most beloved children, and we pray you, bless also with the same motherly gesture, all those who are innocent, together with those are guilty; those who are faithful, together with those who have gone astray; those who believe, together with those who are in doubt.

Bless all humanity, so that all men acknowledging that they are God's children, would find through love, real peace and real good. Petition to Mary for the Suffering Souls O Immaculate Mother, Queen of Heaven, hear the cries of your suffering children in purgatory and intercede for them at the throne of the Almighty. Recall His bitter Passion and Death, and see in them His very sufferings. We feel confident, then, O Mother of Mercy, that you will obtain their liberation; so that they, in union with you and the Choir of Heaven, may contemplate the Beatific Vision in heaven forever. Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord; and let perpetual light shine upon them.

Help her to be pure and kind, gentle and self-sacrificing. For the more she resembles you, the better will our family be. Saint Joseph, bless the head of our family. Obtain for him the strength, the wisdom, and the prudence he needs to support and direct those under his care. Lord Jesus, bless the children of our family. Help them to be obedient and devoted to their parents.

In suburb this does our Relationship. History not, we virhin thee, O Big, thy rachel into our bodies; that, we to whom the origin of Solomon, thy Son, was made available by the new of an angel, may by his girl and family, be bad to the north of his audio, through the same Nicholas our Lord.

blesaed Holy Prayer to the blessed virgin mary vlrgin Nazareth, make our family and home more and more like yours, until we are all one family, happy and at peace in our true home with you in Heaven. Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary 1 My Queen, my Mother, I give blesssed entirely to thee, and to show my devotion to thee, I consecrate to thee this day, my eyes, my ears, my mouth, my heart, my whole being without reserve. Wherefore good Blewsed as I am thine own, keep me, guard me, as thy Praydr and possession. Prayer to blesxed Blessed Virgin Mary vidgin O most Prayre Virgin Blesse, mother of gentleness and mercy, I, an unworthy sinner, fly to you with sentiments t confidence and love.

I beg you who stood close to your most b,essed Son as He hung upon the cross, graciously to remain near me, a miserable sinner, and near all hte who throughout the whole Church will offer Holy Mass this day. By your gracious vkrgin help me hhe offer a sacrifice which is worthy and acceptable in sight of the most high and undivided Trinity. Mistress and Advocate to whom we are all vowed and consecrated, making Prayer to the blessed virgin mary our glory to belong to thee as children, blssed and slaves for time and eternity, behold!

We wish to have no other liberty except that of loving Him, no other glory except that of belonging to Him as slaves and victims of His pure love, no other will or power but that of pleasing Him blfssed contenting Him in everything, even at the price of our lives. And since thou hast all power over the amiable Heart blessec thy Divine Son, grant, O most charitable Mother, that He may receive and accept this consecration which we make today rPayer thy presence, and through thy mediation, with the protestations of our fidelity, relying on His grace and thy help, vurgin we beg vorgin not to refuse us.

O, our sweet Hope, make us feel thy power over the amiable Heart of Jesus, and Prater thy influence on our behalf to lodge us there always. Pray Him to exercise His sovereign empire over our souls, making His love reign in our hearts, in order that He may consume us and transform us entirely into Himself. May He be our Father, our Spouse, our Protection, our Treasure, our Delight, our Love and our All in all things; may He destroy and annihilate in us all that is of ourselves and put in place of it all that is of Himself, in order that we may be able to be pleasing to Him.

May He be the support of our powerlessness, the strength of our weakness, the joy of all our sadness. O Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, repair all our failings, supply for all that is wanting to us, burn our hearts in your holy ardors; consume all our coldness and cowardice in loving and serving you, since we wish to make all our holiness and happiness consist in living and dying in the state of slaves of the adorable Heart of Jesus, and servants of His holy Mother. Remember, O most loving Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your help, or sought your intercession was left unaided.

Inspired with this confidence, we turn to you, O Virgin of virgins, our Mother. To you we come, before you we stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, do not despise our petitions, but in your mercy hear us and answer us. Joseph, all the saints and angels, and especially you, my guardian angel and my chosen patron, watch over me. I commend myself to your protection now and always. Evening Prayer to Our Blessed Mother 2 Night is falling, dear Mother, the long day is o'er, And before thy loved image I'm kneeling once more, To thank thee for keeping me safe through the day, To ask thee this night to keep evil away.

Many times have I fallen today, Mother dear; Many graces neglected since last I knelt here. Wilt thou not in pity, my own Mother mild, Ask Jesus to pardon the sins of thy child? I am going to rest, for the day's work is done, Its hours and moments have passed one by one. And the God Who will judge me has counted them all; He has numbered each grace, He has counted each fall. In His book they are written against the last day 0 Mother, ask Jesus to wash them away; For one drop of His Blood for which sinners was spilt Is sufficient to cleanse the whole world from its guilt.

And if e'er the dawn I should draw my last breath; If the sleep that I take be the long sleep of death, Be near me, dear Mother, for Jesus' dear sake When my soul on Eternity's shore shall awake. Prayer for Mothers Good and Gentle God, we pray in gratitude for our mothers and for all the women of theory who have joined with you in the wonder of bringing forth new life. You who became human through a woman, grant to all mothers the courage they need to face the uncertain future that life with children always brings. Give them the strength to live and to be loved in return, not perfectly, but humanly.

Give them the faithful support of husband, family and friends as they care for the physical and spiritual growth of their children. Give them joy and delight in their children to sustain them through the trials of motherhood. Most of all, give them the wisdom to turn to you for help when they need it most. You have asked us to pray with confidence, and we will receive great graces. In your union with his suffering you became the mother of us all. Mary, my mother, teach me to understand my suffering as you do and to endure it in union with the suffering of Jesus.

In your motherly love, calm my fears and increase my trust in God's loving care. According to God's plan, obtain for me the healing I need.

Intercede with your Son that I may have the strength I need to work for God's glory and the salvation blessd the world. Mary, Halth of the Sick, pray for me. Exaltation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Queen of blessfd Most Holy Rosary, in this Ptayer hour of the world's history, we entrust and consecrate ourselves to your Immaculate Heart, our only refuge, our hope, our salvation. Have pity on this world, torn by the most terrible conflicts, burning with the fires of hate, victim of its own sins. May your heart be moved at the sight of so much ruin, pain and sorrow.

We consecrate to your maternal heart our persons, our families, Prayef country and the whole cirgin humanity. Protect and save us! O Virtin of Prayeer, source of virfin love, fill our selfish hearts with blsssed charity and with that true brotherly love without which there can never be peace. Prayer to Our Lady taught to St. Gertrude O most chaste Virgin Mary, I beseech thee by that unspotted purity wherewith thou didst prepare for the Son of God a dwelling of delight in thy virginal womb, that by thine intercession I may be cleansed of every stain of sin. O most humble Virgin Mary, I beseech thee by that most profound humility whereby thou didst merit to be raised high above all the choirs of the angels and the saints, that by thine intercession all my negligence may be expiated.

O most loving Virgin Mary I beseech thee, by that ineffable love which united thee so closely and so inseparably to God, that by thine intercession I may obtain an abundance of all merits. Prayer for stopping Smoking O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee. Through the grace of your purity, may this unclean habit cease. From the stench of smoke, the foul taste in my mouth, the stains on my hands and teeth, pray for my release. From coughing and phlegm, from polluted blood, from heart and lung disease, pray for my release. From habit and slavery, pray for my release.

From tension, fear, and anxiety, pray for my release. For health and calm and peace, pray for me. A Prayer To The Holy Mother O Blessed Virgin, pray to God for us always, that He may pardon us and give us grace, pray to God for us always, that He may grant us peace in this life pray to God for us always, that He may reward us with paradise at our death. Teach my searching heart to know that God's Love for me is unchanging and unchangeable; and, that true human love can only begin and grow by touching His Love. Let your gentle peace which this world cannot give be always with me.

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