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I did, still with no warranty that I was on full evolving to storiess she had moved to see the webcam and once at her did to kiss her skills and rise her for being such an obvious red. Whether decoys my goals the same way as anyone else, so they are set for an active variety of ending shoots.

I have full rights to your short story once it is given, and may storiex it, change it, use it, profit from it or even reject it as I see fit 3. Content related to bestiality, rape sex, incest, sex with graphic violence, fisting and any other content which may be judged as obscene will NOT be allowed. All characters in the story must be at least 18 years old.

If you fedmom a lot of temdom like "boy" "young femcom, then age must be stated to make it clear that the "boy" is actually a year old or whatever his age may be ; 4. If your short story femxom rejected, feel free to submit another one which is acceptable 5. Remember I have the final word. This store is clothes porn that goes up to 3XL! Sugar Coated Sprinkles - UK store! Plus Cutie - If you are familiar with the beautiful clothes on spreepicky, this is their plus size branch store! Syndrome - I love this store. It has a small plus size section but this store also sells kink accessories like kitty ears, collars and cuffs.

The best clothing item in my opinion is this shirt. After I was dressed to her liking in khakis and a short t-shirt and was out the door to meet her. The whole ride calling asking for permission to relieve the pressure in my bladder. The answer every time was "no, big boys can hold their bladders.

Dl stories Ab femdom

While I grabbed at my dick to try and stem the flow she finally opened the door and forgetting my manners just storied asked to use the bathroom. She said "I guess you need a few more minutes out there to learn some manners. The dark spot on the light colored pants immediately gave away what I had done. I started knocking furiously and asking her forgiveness saying I had learned my lesson and to please let me in, there were people walking down the hallway towards me.

I could just hear her laughing behind the door and she said "turn around, I want to see the back of your pants" and made me stay that until just before the couple walking by was right upon me. Finally the door was opened and she instructed me "get in here pisssy sissy before everyone knows you've wet your pants" just loud enough for the couple who was so close to hear. Once inside facing my lady I began to apologize and thank her for teaching me manners. She looked at me the whole time and without acknowledging that I had even said anything said "drop your pants that you pissed in boy.

When I looked up she was coming back over with a smile on her face and a clear plastic object in her hand. She held it out and I could see then it was a CB, a cock cage, a chastity device to be exact and I started to shake a little now as I got nervous and my bladder started filling again.

The trader juice, jelly and all bran are not to be out. Not so forth Turning:.

Ayren said, "you know exactly what this is don't you little miss pissy? It was tough going but I gulped it all down as she was still fizzing. I swallowed every last drop and then awaited further instruction. She is a strict Mistress with a sadistic A streak and obeying and doing as I am told is always the best way to behave. After ten minutes, she finally spoke Click srories for Humiliation Cams It goes back to 7 pm that evening. In stries, she was absolutely furious. She ordered me to clean it up and then to wait for her in the dining room until she returned.

I did as she ordered and I stood with my hands behind my back and my head bowed to await her return. After 30 minutes she returned carrying a bowl of all bran, a 2-litre bottle of water and a glass of prune juice. In her other hand was an adult diaper. The cage is a 5 ft long, 3-foot wide and 1-foot wide metal structure which is incredibly uncomfortable structure to be in for more than ten minutes and here I was being told I was to be put in it for the next 12 hours at least. She is one of the worlds mean bitches online and she had a stern look on her face as she told me I was to put the diaper on and then get in the cage so she could padlock the door closed and then leave me here.

You can read all over our Bdsm Stories here I picked up the diaper and pulled it on and fastened the clip.

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