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Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Cheats for PlayStation 2

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Get 40, shiny objects. Go to the movie theater and press R1 to go inside. Press X to see the art. Find The spatula then go bikinni the corner. Jump on the cloth and touch the Batle Tiki". Run, jump off, land in the water, and repeat the process. Easy shiny objects in Sand Mountain Go to the third area in the level, which is called Sand Mountain. Destroy all Tikis that are around. For the Tikis next to the bus stop, use Bubble Bowl then aim at the Thunder Tiki in the middle and they will all explode. If you do not have the Cruise Bubble move, sneak up to the Shh Tikis and destroy them all. Then, start the level and fall off immediately.

Jump close to it and press B. If not try again. A sock will be in the window when you have destroyed Squidward's stuff. Then start jumping again and again until Squidward gives you a Golden Spatula.

Tips Battle for bikini bottom

Then go into Bikini Bottom and go to the Jellyfish Fields. Now the true adventure begins PC Submitted by chrisian solle How to get the golden spatula in squidwards btotom 1. Then he will use a green type flames when he comes close bkkini two times use the rope to grab his tail. That is the way to beat him. Do it three times. Krabs is when he offers you a trade for spatulas. Then go into a building or go off limits and when the game restarts all the Tikis reset. Repeat this several times and you can get spatulas. Xbox Submitted by Gamer3. Then go back to Larry's house. When you are there, open up the other teleport box.

After that, go behind Larry's house and turn into sandy with the bus stop. After you are Sandy go back to the teleport box and go to the lighthouse.

Xbox Submitted by game master 65 How to Beat Last Part The first thing you have to do is follow the trail till you come to a stop. You need to use the cruise bubble to kill the enemies on the other side. When you do that this floating thing that looks like a mechanical plankton will appear. To kill him dodge his lasers then after that while he is resting use the cruise bubble on him. Be careful, he does tend to move around a lot.

Eventually you will come up to little light bulb looking object. Use your jellyfish net Biknii to break it or use the cruise bubble. Keep doing this process until you come to these little round platforms. To the left or right you should see the big metallic machine robots brain. First you have to kill mechanical plankton on the platform. Then use the cruise bubble to lead to the back of the wormhole. Do this three times and you win the game. Hint Be extra careful about losing underwear. You can't get any more underwear. Shady Shores is in an area that requires 15 golden spatulas. Go to the TV. A sock will appear on the table that has a checker board on it.

Highlight the new or subchapter name you security to find. Twice, destroy everything in fresh. You may have to get areas in sex to complete certain taskings or to get the all the Best Spatulas or Socks.

Xbox Submitted by Bartle Solle How to get the golden spatula in squidwards tipss 1. You must have at least shiny things for a golden spatcula Xbox Submitted by colton allen How to kill bikiini jellyfish. To bioini the king jellyfish all you dor to do is wait until it dose the shock wave thing and while it is still on the ground jump and attack it. Then go to Goo Lagoon when you have unlocked it. Now go all the way across to the giant bottim castle Bsttle you see Bubble Buddy. A guide is born. Fixed some minor errors.

Fixed some Chapter formatting problems. Instead, this FAQ is broken up into parts. First you will be given an bimini of choices you have for playing the game. Next, you will be given all the possible commands you can give with a brief de- scription of what those commands are. The last part is dedicated to strategy. This strategy will give you an idea on how to fulfill the requirements for getting the various items or doing the various tasks required to complete each area. Input is appreciated along with constructive criticism. If you wish to e-mail me thoughts on this FAQ, better ways of doing things, other strategies, etc. Make sure you put SBSP: Spongebob, Patrick In air, do a Ground Pound.

Sandy, on Ground Lasso Robots. Opens Menu, Pauses Enemies: Easy to bust, found about everywhere, you can lift them as Patrick stand on them and stack them. Common as well, usually has other tikis on itself, used to reach tough areas, but tough to land on when moving. The worst disposition EVER! Just by being close causes him to get steamed. Self-destructs within 3 seconds, anything in range gets damaged, if you, you lose one health. You have to have Spongebob sneak up on them to get close enough to destroy, otherwise, they shrink.

Destroyed only by the blast from a Thunder Tiki or a Cruise Bubble. Tough guy act but has a irrational fear of Bubble Bowling Balls. Tough lil' critters who self-compust. Little tyke whom blows up after 5 beeps of his light. Shoots green to yellow gamma rays which damage you within time. These bots are sick as can be, they try to release their germs by hacking at you.

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